Www wildtangent com/myaccount

I have cancelled my account with you,but have 115 tokens.How do I get into them. I tried yesterday, but when asked for my password it was not recognised.I changed my password and tried again ,with no success.
Jean Gordon
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  1. Tomshardware is not affiliated with Wild Tangent in any way. I'd suppose you'd need to contact their customer support.
  2. Try this link for their customer help

  3. Bit confused here, even outside the fact that this is the wrong support site for them.

    If you canceled the account, why do you want access to it? Why is it odd that you can't logon to the account you cancelled? If yu buy something at a store, like a shirt, you return it, would you ask why you can't wear that shirt anymore? What are you going to use tokens for from a site you can't get to because your account is not active? They are specific to the web site, you can't "get into" them and try to use them to buy coffee at Starbucks, they are only good on the gaming website that you cancelled he account on.

    And if you want to use them in the site, you need to activate your account again.
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