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A few days ago I left my computer on hibernate mode, after about an hour when I came back to open my laptop it just froze on the user select menu. I had to manually restart. I then booted up again but I got a black screen before it even got to the windows logo. However it seems like the computer is running ( the fan is making its usual noise, I can see the lights on the keyboards etc.) but I just can not see anything on the screen. I am not even able to go into any type of mode since I can't see what I am doing, I also can not check the BIOS since again I cannot see anything. The only recent download, which was on the day this happened, was a game called mount and blade warband but I got it through steam so I don't think it could be that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Sorry if I am a little late here, but try booting windows in safe mode (press F8 on your BIOS screen right after turning your computer on). Then press start, search "msconfig," startup, and turn off anything that seems suspicious/unnecessary. Try booting again, this time normally. If that doesn't work, did you plug in your monitor? ;)
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