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i have 2 questions to make. please help me.
i run now a abit vh6 m/b with intel p-iii/733/150/1,4volt!!

1. From intel there are two pentium iii new proccessor's Pentium III Coppermine T and Pentium III Tullatin. with your latest bios for my board i can put pentium iii coppermine t. the difference of those proccessors are the cache only (256 to 512?) Can you tell me please What is the requirement for tullatin.?(i need this please) i saw that the vh6t has the same chipset with my board(except the softmenuIII and the ata 100 hd controler)?

2 for the p-iii/733 that i have,i tryied all the possible solution's from 1,5 up to 1,80 starting off-course from the 1,7 normal voltage and i didn't succeed anything. The onle voltage that this cpu works fine (normal and overclocked ) are the 1,4v,. I'm too curious for this..!!!

may be yoy can help me,.
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  1. I know that some Abit boards are coming with FC-PGA2 sockets. Im not sure what they are suppost to be used with, it just mentions future Intel proccessors. I would think that the newer socket P3's would use these, just like when they changed for PPGA celerons to FC-PGA. If the chip changes a lot the socket usually has to as well.

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