Minecraft "can't connect to minecraft.net"

We have issues connecting to minecraft.net. The screen is black and we can't even play offline. Have already tried every fix from cnet support center. Running Java 64bit and 32 bit, our o/s is 64 bit. Also approved the program in our firewall settings? Any help would be great! Thanks.
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  1. i was going to write up a bunch of troubleshooting steps... but since it sounds like you've tried everything... then...

    As an extra step that you may not have tried yet:

    You can get this black screen when someone in your household has attempted to modify the minecraft.jar

    if done incorrectly, the modding process can yield the black screen.

    1st option:
    The last step is to always delete META-INF.
    do Start -> Run -> %appdata%
    open .Minecraft folder
    open the minecraft.jar
    delete META-INF

    2nd option:
    delete the whole .Minecraft folder (it's hidden and hard to find).
    And re-download and re-install Minecraft.

    I'm sure you've already tried all the other steps for video related problems: update all your drivers and directX and check your computer temperatures, etc...

    The real key here is: "Does this only happen with Minecraft ? Or does it happen with other games also ?"

    That question will help narrow down what is causing your problems.

    Hope that helps, if not run dxdiag, save to a file, and post some info.

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