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High CPU usage

Last response: in CPUs
August 2, 2001 4:14:17 PM

I am the happy NEW owner of an AMD K7 900mhz Thunderbird. I also have an Asus A7V133 mainboard with the VIA Apollo KT 133A chipset. I am showing a vey high cpu usage (60%) when at idle, if I just move my mouse however it drops to near 0. The CPU temp is currently 48c and that seems to be cool for my CPU , my case has 2 fans to cool it not counting the CPU fan. I'm running Win 98se. Short of formatting and re-installing Win 98se I have pretty much determined that I don't have any software running ,that I can identify, that would account for this high reading. The tech that built my machine has double checked everything and can't explain this high cpu usage. It seems to hover at 60% yet drops when I run something or even just move the mouse.I haven't noticed any performance problems yet, however I haven't REALLY taxed the system yet. I'm searching for an explanation to this anomaly. Thank you !!

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August 2, 2001 5:46:34 PM

This is impossible, everyone knows AMD systems are perfect. this must be some Intel loser posting false info about AMD. of all the nerve!

Suggestion, dont move your mouse and everything will be ok, just as kellidin. his machine has been up for a whole 12 days!
August 2, 2001 6:10:59 PM

Try to set you Swapfile to fixed amount (e.g. 256MB).

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August 2, 2001 6:21:29 PM

Swap file set to 637 , used a system analyser to come up with that figure. Who's FUGGER , what a smarty , I've never owned Intel, went from an AMD K6 233 to this new Tbird, am loving it but this CPU usage thing is causing me grief and worry, I truly would appreciate analytical input. Thank you very much and thanks khha4113 for your suggestion !!
August 3, 2001 3:21:27 PM much ram do you have for that 600 meg swap file? your swap file should be set to 1.5x the amount of ram in your machine. so, if you have 128, your swap file should be around 200 megs.
August 3, 2001 3:24:35 PM

Don't listen to FUGGER. He's the resident troll. Nobody else bothers to listen.

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August 3, 2001 3:50:04 PM

I had thre same problem on my friends T-Bird 800 @ 1GHz on an A7V under Win98se.....when I moved the mouse the CPU Usage would drop to 0-1.....I couldnt really explain it, so I formatetd his comp. re-installed 98se....same thing.....than i installed the Via 4-in-1 and it was ok.....
It seemed to only happen in 98se when I didnt have the 4-in-1's instaleld, WinME or 2000 Pro. didnt need the 4-in-1's to fix this prob, as this prob. didnt exist in those OS's.

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August 3, 2001 3:58:12 PM

The first thing I would check is your TSR's
Norton and McAfee's are hogs.
press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and end all execpt for explorer and the cpu usage should lower a whole hell of alot
August 3, 2001 4:47:39 PM

Don't worry about it. I've seen this problem before and the CPU usage that W98se reports is not accurate. I wouldn't worry about it, just ignore it. Maybe use a 3rd party software to check up on the CPU utilization if it's that much of a concern.