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Hi,I have recently installed Windows7 Home Premium 64Bit OS,after installation,windows7 detects my motherboard devices and installs drivers so I would like to know if i still need to install the motherboard drivers that were supplied with the PC?
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  1. I wouldnt worry about installing the drivers that came with the Motherboard. Those drivers will generally be out of date anyway. Unless you have a problem that is showing up just let Win 7 do its thing.
  2. Wamphryi is correct about the driver CDs that come with the computer usually being out of date.
    Your best source for most PC drivers is the PC manufacture's website.
    What is the make/model of your PC?
  3. Hi.

    The only driver that I suggest to u that install yourself is the video driver, the other driver are downloaded from the manufacturer web site for the "Windows update", and usually are the last version.

    The CD that comes with the mobo have old drivers that can have problems with ur OS.
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