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Hello, I've got a problem with a laptop running windows 7, the problem I'm having is that the computer won't boot anymore, it freezes shortly after initially loading windows. Basically it freezes on this blue screen (not blue screen of death), kind of the same screen you get when first installing windows, only you know.. you don't get the option to select your language and stuff. I've tried everything from recovery to running in safe mode. I used my installation CD which allowed me to select a language but then failed to go any further, blocking on that same screen again. I could use the help
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  1. could you acces the bios and see if your drive is show with the right specs .
  2. Not exactly sure what you mean by that, but there is this built in 'test system' that came with the computer from HP, and it keeps saying the Hard Drive is the problem, So I'm guessing that's probably the issue
  3. could you take the drive out and use a external drive box to test the drive in another system plug in a usb port , with the drive maker tool also if you gain acces to it copy all data .
  4. It's a laptop so I don't really feel comfortable taking it apart
  5. this laptop is stil under warranty .
  6. Unfortunatly not, I wouldn't be bothering with this if it was
  7. then the other option is to go at a shop to test the laptop drive or have someone around that could help you test your drive .
  8. Ok so my son took out the hard drive and plugged it into his computer and it showed that a new device connected, but there were no files on it, and it was only 200MB big it was called J:System, my son says it might be the windows reserved partition to boot
  9. dl and burn a copy of ubuntu live iso and boot that, if it does problem is hard drive
  10. while its in the other sytem full format and remove all partitions too
  11. Saving the hard drive isn't my main priority, saving the files on it however is.. there's some pretty important wedding foto's and such on it.
  12. you could try to use recuva yuo could also try this yes that could the restore partition for the laptop could you plug it as a usb drive and not sata to see if you have more then the j drive,this have to be done after your son system had made is complete start then plug yours as usb with something like this
  13. Since the hard drive is obviously gone bad enough that it cannot boot Windows, your only hope is to connect it to another system like you've done and try to recover your files. Download and install the two tools scout_03 has linked to on the other computer and try to recover your files from the other, larger partition that should be there, that's your best bet.
  14. Need a usb external backup drive soon as you recover the data. Never rely on one copy of your files.
  15. I would recommend creating a Hirens Boot CD and utilize some of the options available to attempt to resolve your issue in relation to the HDD. You've pretty much figured out on your own that the HDD is to blame.

    The HP system diagnostics are spot on when it comes to detecting failures. Like scout_03 mentioned, Recuva is one of the better programs (free at that) to try and salvage your data. Just hope that it's not a spindle failing in the hard drive or the only method to get anything off at that point would be to send it off and have someone remove the data by taking the hard drive apart in a clean room and scraping the actual heads.
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