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27inch Monitors at 1080p/1440p vs 21.5inch 1080p for gaming

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
February 8, 2013 12:45:24 AM

Hello, this is my first post here, so I don't know if I am posting this correctly or in the right area. However, my problem/question is this:

I currently have a 21.5inch Acer that is 1920x1080 in resolution, and is probably the best monitor I've ever owned. However, I find myself wanting more screen real estate for games like League of Legends, Dota2, WoW, Eve, Skyrim, etc. I mostly play RPGs, RTSs, and MMOs, however I still play FPSs from time to time. So I am looking to get a 27 inch monitor (30inch is a little too big, and I would rather keep a 16:9 ratio anyway). As a sidenote, I also play A LOT of console games on my monitor (and I understand that a lot of these games are upscaled from 720p or lower as it is), as well as streaming a lot of movies from them, or from Netflix, or other services. What, if any, benefits or downsides are there to these if I upgrade to either a 27inch 1080p or 1440p?

However, I do not know if it is worthwhile to get a 27inch monitor if it is anything less than 2560x1440 resolution. I see TONS of 27inch monitors that are 1920x1080, and think to myself that these must look terrible because they are being upscaled so much, yet the price of a monitor that size with a 2560x1440 res is around 2.5-3 times higher, or more, than those that are 1080 and is extremely offputting (especially considering that I may need a newer or better graphics card. I currently have a 560ti 448 FTW Edition card with 1280mb on it).

So I guess in short my question is this, is it worth it to upgrade from my monitor to either of these options (27inch 1080p or 27inch 1440p)? What problems would I run into with the two? If I were to upgrade to either, would I need to upgrade my graphics card considerably?

Also, I would keep the old 21.5inch monitor and use it as a second screen to replace the 1680x1050 monitor I am using as my second one now.

Thanks in advance for your insight/help/advice/opinions/etc :) .
February 8, 2013 6:16:35 AM

At 27 inches, I'd be looking for a IPS monitor. The TN panels you are probably looking at have limited vertical viewing angles. At 27 inches, the color distortion/gamma shift will be noticeable. Its actually pretty noticeable on a 23 inch (I have one). So I'd definitely have wide vertical viewing angles as a priority.

IPS+27inch+1440p will run you at least $700. An IPS+27inch+1080p will be about half of that.

If you can afford it, get an IPS 27inch 1440p monitor and be prepared to upgrade your gfx card as well to account for the extra real estate. Otherwise, get a 1080p one (won't have to upgrade gfx card either).

Personally, I can't afford either. I'm looking for a 23 inch+IPS+1080p display. And that really isn't bad at all.
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February 18, 2013 12:49:45 PM

More to 27" and 1080p..
if you are using the monitor from only 2-4 feets will hate your new monitor
since you can see the pixels.

I would say, get the 22-24" for the 1080p and 2-4 feets away
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February 18, 2013 2:31:03 PM

guanyu210379 said:
More to 27" and 1080p..
if you are using the monitor from only 2-4 feets will hate your new monitor
since you can see the pixels.

I would say, get the 22-24" for the 1080p and 2-4 feets away

I've known many people, seen many people here, and have a 27" monitor at 1080p, and almost everyone with one, loves it. With cleartype and AA, you don't notice pixels at all. I'd rather have this than 1600p to be honest. 1600p would lower my FPS, and fluidity is very important in gaming.
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February 18, 2013 4:22:19 PM

i use a 40" 1080p tv at 3-4 feet away and while not as sharp as my 20" 1600x1200 it is not what i would consider bad. larger screens are better for console gaming, movies and some games while smaller monitors with higher ppi are better for word processing, design work, web browsing and other tasks.

720p and 1080p video will appear sharpest on a 1080p monitor over a 1440p monitor. if you watch alot of video and play console games stepping up will mean a slight decrease in sharpness.

more screen real estate may be an improvement in such games as wow but will require more gpu performance in general. you may have to upgrade your system more often if you buy new games and expect to get maximum graphics settings while retaining good fps speeds.


short answer?

i would say stick with your monitor unless you desire a larger screen in which case a 60hz 1080p television would be a better choice for you possibly.