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If, for some reason, i bought a P4 1.7, and im not saying i did make this mistake, but if it was me who did this, do you think there is any way that i can get my money back from the store with no legitimate reason other than that it's Intel
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  1. Depends on the store/person you're dealing with. They might give this person pity and let them exchange it for something else, or they may just give you the, "I'm sorry" look.
  2. Just make up some bullshit excuse as to why you can't use it.

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  3. light a match set it on fire. Say "it burnt out". There we go.

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  4. If i was a store clerk person, i wouldn't believe an Intel chip "burnt out" though. :smile: . Hmm....just blame microsoft, it always works
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  5. Quite Easy actually, if anything, tell them that you are a MAC user, and you are very disappointed in the piss-poor performance and you would like your money back.

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  6. Tell your friend he's an idiot and stop talking to him :)

    I don't think there's really any way you could take it back, but it greatly depends on the store.

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  7. Can we why you want to change.
  8. Can we know why you want to change.
  9. Because he found out he wasted his money.
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  10. Lie!

    Several ways to return it.

    1) claim that they sent you wrong part, you wanted x they shipped you y

    2) Claim the sales person said that would fit your board but it has too many pins and doesnt seem to fit. play stupid.
  11. 3) Sell it to FUGGER. He'll pay twice the retail price and think he's getting a good deal.

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  12. Rofl. Excellent point, Mr. Burger.
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