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Most of the main stream laptop (15.6 in) comes with 1366 x 768 resolution. The 768 verticle resolution will not be sufficient for programmers on linux.

So the question is:
Does having graphics card deliver higher resolution even for a 1366 x 768 laptop ?
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  1. Its down to the physical screen im afraid. Finding a nice screen on a mainstream laptop isn't easy unless your are prepared to pay out.
  2. PCRS said:
    Its down to the physical screen im afraid. .

    I don't get you, can you explain,
  3. On an LCD, there is a set number of pixels. While you can go down in size, you physically can't go up because there are no pixels that can do that. As PCRS said, if you want a bigger resolution, you'll need to pay to get it.
  4. What are some of the options for me ! can you suggest some laptop with bigger resolution then 768 within $1000
  5. Dells 17" range arent bad, just a bit large. They are 1600x900 I believe.

    I think the HP Envy 15 has been discontinued sadly, that may of been the kind of laptop your looking for.
  6. Yes, 17" looks some what bigger to me.
  7. Does it *have* to be mobile? You said this was for Linux programmers. Programmers tend to work in the same place day after day.

    If it doesn't have to be mobile then you can get the same computing horsepower cheaper in a desktop. If you are mobile occasionally, then consider plugging the laptop into a separate monitor for the majority of the time. Pretty much every laptop these days can run dual-screen that way. And good-sized 1080P monitors are pretty cheap these days

    Then, you can unplug for those rare occasions when you need to take your work with you. It'll be cramped and uncomfortable. But, as the others have said, the only solution to that is size and/or money.

  8. I am thinking of either , Dell XPS 15.6 1080p High definition, or Dell 17
    I already have a good desktop, i want it mobile (But i wont be taking it everywhere i go, just occasionally), I dont want to plug seperate monitor, as the goal is to use it when I am in bad, sofa or my terrace.
  9. Could you use an IDE which requires less space to be functional?
    Im not sure what languages/IDEs you write in but VIM works fine for me in most cases and barely needs any space to work nicely.
  10. Vim wouldn't work for ;) I do a lot's of java/grails. I use eclipse
  11. I found a 16" machine on with 1600x900 resolution, and a 15" machine on with 1080 resolution, both for under $1,000. I found a few more listed for above $1,000, maybe you could find these cheaper if you shop around.

    You might look for the business class machines by HP, Dell and Lenovo and see if you can configure one for under $1,000 with the higher res. display panel.
  12. cadder, can you post the links to those deals ?
  13. If you google Sager 5160, being sold from XoticPC for example, you can get a 1080P screen with an i7-2630QM and GT540M for under $1000.

    However, there have been reports of people having a difficult time setting up the GT540M to work in linux.

    Just an option.
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