Hey all,

I have a very old system that is currently not working (the power supply burned out). I am thinking of doing some small upgrades to it. First of all, it's a PI 133Mhz. I'm interested in getting a new motherboard and a faster processor (300-400 Mhz), probably a PII. The motherboard is very specific, and it is impossible to find another power supply for it. I have no other choice, basically, unless I want to throw the computer away. I don't really want to.

I have a lot of old chips that may not be compatible with a newer mothermoard (again, everything is very specific). For example, I would probably have to get a new modem and sound card, because currently, the two are on the same card. The card's very old and the modem is not good enough anymore (33K). I have a DSL line on this computer (the one I'm writing this message on), and an extra Ethernet card, so I'll just use that. The soundcard is not a problem, either.

I have bought a new harddrive (30 Gig). I was going to install it, but that's when the power burned out.

I also have a very old CD and floppy drive. The system is over 3.5 years old. Do you think that I would need to replace those? They're EIDE, not SCSI.

I will also need to buy a new cover, because my current one it too specific, and too old for moderm motherboards.

I have a few questions:

1. I am thinking of spending somewhere around 300 US (about 450 CAD). Do you think that's reasonable, or should I expect to spend much more? I found a PII 433Mhz for 120 US (200 CAD). Do you think that's a good price, or is that a rip off?

2. Do you think that it would be better to upgrade to a P3? I have a problem with that, then, because my RAM is too old (as all my friends tell me who are into computers). Also, a PIII could cost around 200-250 US even for a 500Mhz. What do you think?

3. Do you think that I should replace the CD/floppy drive? They're not very expensive, espcially that my CD is giving way.

4. I'm thinking of running Linux (RedHat or SuSE), whichever one looks better. What minimal requirements would you recommed? I have 48 MB RAM. I think that it would be best if I had 64, right?

4b. Also, are there any ethernet card support for Linux? I have a D-Link DE-528 that's available.

5. Fianlly, do you think that is a bad idea, and it would be easier just to get a new computer? Of course, I don't really have the money for that... my budget is around 500 CAD (350 US).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Please note: I'm sorry... I posted in the wrong area! :)
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  1. You might opt for a BX motherboard and a PII and a new PS. You can savage the rest of the components from your old computer.
    Yes you should definately get more RAM. Yes, there are ethernet support for Linux. Go to <A HREF="http://www.linhardware.com/" target="_new">Linux Hardware</A> to see which of your components are compatable.
    With $350 USD, you can buy a cheap Duron based system and savage some parts from your old comp.
    I think the other guy's ideas isn't good if you plan to run Linux because you may run into problems with all the on-board stuff.

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  2. PIII's are CHEAPER than PII's. This is because they are still in production. The PIII 700 goes for only $89 U.S., and overclocks easily to 933. You need a new case, motherboard, power supply, and memory for ANY system. The Blaster PC comes with a case and power supply, motherboard, and built in SB Live Platinum audio, for only $150! It's available at Tigerdirect.com.
    For your situation, I recommend the Blaster PC ($150), PIII-700E FC-PGA ($89), an Abit Slotket III ($9 at googlegear.com), and an Evercool ND-8 cooler ($12 at nexfan.com). The total cost is is only $260 plus memory. You can get 256MB for only $40. That brings you to your target price.
    Here's the reasoning-the PIII 700E overclocks quite easily to 933 with about .1v additional voltage. The Abit Slotket III can give you the voltage adjustment, and the Blaster PC can overclock the CPU by raising the bus speed to 133MHz. The Evercool ND-8 is a high performance cooler with a low enough profile to clear the RAM slots.
    You simply can't beet the price on the Blaster PC-a SB Live Platinum 5.1 purchased separately cost as much as the Blaster PC kit!

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  3. I recommend what Crashman has listed also, but if you want to save a little money and still have some high end performance but on a budget, go for a AMD Duron CPU AND SOcket A Mainboard.......I dont know if this can eb done with this Blaster PC, but look into it...

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  4. Thanks for the help... I found some quotes at http://www.pccanada.com/ (they are a pretty good company). I will not need Windows ME or A new harddrive, as I already have a brand new 30GB drive and would like to run Linux. I also have licensed versions of 98 and 2000. I don't want to get in contact with ME, it's very bad.

    I found 128 mb ram for 30, too (canadian). RAM is quite cheap these days.

    Now, I have a question whether it is better to get a Celeron 533Mhz (80 CAD), P3 733 (160 CAD) or a Duron 800Mhz (150) CAD. I'm not really a supporter of AMD, though....

  5. Thanks!

  6. Yes, I agree. I was thinking of going for the Celeron 733 for $89.99 CAD. Do you think that this is a good motherboard/deal: Asus CUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel 815ep Chipset (ATX) for $169.99 CAD?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Most of us overclock to save money. The Celerons over 633 are bad choices for that. The 566 goes to 850 at 100MHz FSB. The PIII 700 is the best choice for overclocking, they go to 933 quite easily. I have a 566@850 on my wifes CUSL2 system, and a 700@933 on my BlasterPC.

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  8. I agree with that. Overclocking is quite a good option when you need to save money. I only have a 350 (Canadian) budget to work with, and the only configuration that fits into here is the following:

    1. PCChips M754LMRT, Socket 370, Via Apollo Pro Chipset, 133Mhz FSB (MATX) w/ On-board PCI Sound, TNT2 Video, 56k Modem & 10/100Mbit Network Adapter --- I understand that this is not the best choice, but when I need to upgrade the modem, the sound and the video card, this is the best choice. I wanted to get the Asus 815, but that would mean that I would have to buy the three extra components seperately. This costs $114.99 Canadian. If I buy everything separately, it would be around $200 CAD.

    2. I have a choice of either Celeron 733, 700 or 533. They are 89.99, 79.99 and 79.99 resepectively (in Canadian). Which is the best to get?

    3. I would need new RAM. That would be $29.99 for 128MB (SDRAM). I think that's a good deal.

    3. I would need a new CD drive. There's an option of 52x for $49.99. It's a Creative. I think that this is fine.

    4. I will also need a new case, power supply and a fan for the processor. The total comes out to about $65.

    Shipping and handling and taxes make it to $402.xx. That is $50 over budget, but that's OK. Any better deals?

    Please note that I MUST have everything by August 7th. The current company is prmising next day delivery ($10 Canadian) for everything. That's ok. (I incldued that in price.

    PS: Also, about the processor fan, does it really matter? There are options for $9.99 to $19.99. Is there any differance? I don't really think that it matters.

    Thanks again :)

  9. That would depend on WHICH Celeron 533 it is, as they were availabe as the fastest PPGA Celeron or the slowest FC-PGA Celeron. The FC-PGA has a coppermine core and can overclock to 800 at 100FSB. The older PPGA processor cannot be overclocked.
    Some Celeron 700's will go to 1050 at 100FSB, but most will not. Your best choice would be the Celeron 566, as all of those are Coppermine, and most easily go to 850 at 100FSB. Otherwise, check to see what kind of 533 it is.

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  10. The site says that Intel discontinued all Celerons under 800Mhz. I checked with Intel, and it seems true. The 533, 700 and 733 are the few that are left in the warehouse. There is no 566. The 533 is the old one.

    I think that I will go with the 700. It seems like the best choice, especially with a one year warranty (quite rare for a discontued product).

    I took the Integrated motherboard because it has a 4 year warranty. I think that's ok, especially since that computer is not very important (I will use it just to learn Linux, Perl, Apache and MySQL databases). Nothing else, really. I have this 933Mhz here that works properly. By the way, I got the 933 for $120 Canadian on sale. The regular price is about $200.

    Thanks for all your help, people :) I really appreciate it.

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