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Where's the best place i can get a case from with a powersupply and fans. I'm looking at the In-win IW-Q500 any other recommendations?
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  1. Coolermaster ATC-200MX. Perfect for my needs, with GREAT cooling possibilities. You get what you pay for (250$ price tag on this baby)
  2. I had the exact same question, go to and click on the GENERAL HARDWARE forum, then click the thread titled "Best Case for Business Use" you will find some good info there.
  3. In-Win cases are brilliant
    I've been using one for 4 years and always keep it when i upgrade
    They are large, built like tanks and just have eveything you need
  4. Check out the Lian Li PC-60, <A HREF="http://link" target="_new"> </A> It is a great looking case with good cooling, but doesn't come with powersupply. It is alittle on the expensive side though. They also have a full tower case and mini tower for whatever suits your needs.

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  5. Ummm that link goes somewhere else.heh

    Try this one <A HREF="" target="_new">dansdata</A>

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  7. You may want to look at the Antec 830sx. It comes standard with two 80mm case fans and has room for 2 more. The 830 has a 300 watt power supply, you can also step up to the 840 which has a 400 watt PSU. This case is top quality all around.

    Here are some links to reviews:
    <A HREF="http:// q3/sx-830/" target="_new">http:// q3/sx-830/</A>
    <A HREF="http://" target="_new">http://</A>
    <A HREF="http://
    " target="_new">http://

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