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I have an HP dv9700 that I bought in 2008. It has been a nightmare from the beginning and HP's support either is not skilled enough to fix the problem or has been trained to lie and blow off complaining customers. The first year and a half I was on the phone with them at least 6 times with no resolution. They are the rudest most arrogant customer support people I have ever dealt with.

The computer shuts down for no reason and cannot be started again. This has happened several times over the 2 1/2 yrs that I've had it, but after a couple of hours and system reboots, it comes up again. A couple of days ago it shut down and didn't come up for over 24 hrs and that was with non-stop trying, manipulating and reboot attempts by private professional computer support people, I wouldn't buy or use another HP product if they gave it to me free.

But I would like to sue them. Is their a class action lawsuit started that I can join?

PS The computer overheats on a regular basis.
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  1. Hello toby_05;

    Does your HP dv9700 have the Nvidia graphics chip set?
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