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So I was messing around with my computer and it's 3 hard drives. I was thinking about going hackintosh.

I had Win7 installed and running fine on HD-2. So I used Acronis and made an image of HD-2 so I could go back to Win 7 after messing with Mac.

I booted into Mac and wiped HD-2, formatted OSX Journaled and installed Mac. Then when I tried to boot I got a windows boot manager error.

So then I decided to go back to Win7, plopped the Win7 disc and reformatted HD-2 NTFS - then put my saved Acronis image back on it. Still getting boot error from windows.

When I boot to Win7 it shows my HDs and shows HD-1 as the system drive and it also shows HD-1 has another partition that's 9mb - so I'm assuming that's what's messing me up. I need to avoid wiping HD-1.

Any way I get out of this predicament?
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  1. Try doing a startup repair with your Windows install disk in the DVD drive.

    Once you get it going download VIRTUALBOX to install other test OS installs in a virtual machine.
  2. You know why do people create a problem for them self, messing around.
    As said it would of made more sense to take the Hd out with windows 7 and use a new one
    Then for example using a Hard drive caddy in the Bays where a dvd rom drive is fitted as a
    Swap option. One solution.
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