W7 64 bit BSOD with nothing in Minidump

My W7 64 bit PC has BSOD'd twice in the last week.
I am just learning this fascinating part of computers and am still very much in the dark, however I made sure that my OS was configured to create a dump file, and it was however there is nothing in the Minidump folder, as a matter of fact it doesnt exist. So much fro configuring the OS to create a dump file on a crash.

I DL'd Bluescreenview and it showed nothing.

The message at the bottom of the BSOD mentioned something about creating crash dump files but it seemed that nothing happened, there was no progress indicator, just a whole bunch of nothing. I left it for some time to see if the message or anything changed and it didnt. I restarted the PC and went hunting for the Minidump report, or any report for that matter.

Where do I start with this mess?
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  1. Thanks for the reply,

    I uploaded a crash log at sevenforums.com and was told that Serviio crashed.

    Thanks for taking the time, it did educate me on hardware tests, so thanks for that.
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