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I'm gonna try to make this quick : 3 days ago I bought an xbox 360 controller to replace my older one that died. However, upon playing FIFA 13 and DmC, I noticed that there was an issue with left analog stick, since I couldn't turn diagonally to the left. Here is what I found in the Controller properties window :

As you can see the crosshair is unable to reach the far end of the square, no matter how hard I push the analog stick, and that happens for going backwards too. I tried reinstall the driver from Microsoft for the controller and also calibrating but to no avail.
As I'm on a trip I can't return the controller in time and there is no warranty so I need to able to fix this issue myself or else I'll have wasted the money I bought it with, so I require some assistance.

Thank you.
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  1. Bump ! I really need help.
  2. I have the same problem
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