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I have a system running with an ASUS A7 board and an Athlon 800 CPU.
I installed Norton Systemworks 2001 and one of the monitors keeps telling me that my CPU is running at 100% utilisation even when there is virtually nothing running.
When I look at the system monitor in ME, it shows the same thing.
Is this anything to worry about or is it just a design of the processor or a software "feature" ?
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  1. Is everything slow? If not it's just reading wrong. Hit ctrl-alt-del to see whats running.

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  2. is the performance suffering? noticably sluggish behavior?
    reasons could be:
    1. a program/application isnt working properly, caught in a snarl. ctrl+alt+del and start terminating things till its running fast again
    2. virus checker active?
    3. cpu cooler program active (they block unused cpu cycles so it looks as if its running at 100%)
    4. trojan virus or some other nasty memory resident

    95% of the time its just a program missbehaving

    my cpu indicator is always at 100% anyways. its called the cure for cancer project :)

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