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I recently purchased Avast! Internet Security and the voice that talks whenever it finishes a scan or updates is annoying me. Does anyone know how to deactivate it?
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  1. oh come on that voice is awesome!
  2. *Right click the blue a ball
    *single click " sounds"
    *click "settings"
    * in the program even box (the white box), scroll down till you see "Automatic VPS update".
    * click on "Automatic VPS update" and click on the upside down arrow next to the white box under "Sounds:"
    *scroll up and click on "(none)" and when you see a pop-up windows, click "yes" and click "OK".
  3. Thans for all the tips and what cooler do you have on that i5 that lets you get it up to 4.9
  4. i can actually safely run it at 5ghz. i just do 4.9 now for a lil more breathing room.

    nothing special on the cpu for cooling though. infact, i recycled the heatsink off my socket 775 build.

    it's a Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120. Air cooled.
  5. would i be able to get that high with my 3570k with a corsair hydro series h60
  6. probably not, ivy doesnt overclock as well as sandy
  7. hopefully the fourth generation will have the extra features of ivy and the overclocking capabilities of Sandy
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