Best and Quietest HSF?

so far i'm looking at the ocz gladiator, but reviews say that it is loud. I was wondering if there was anything that was quieter or anything that allowed you to change the speed of the fan so that you could choose as much cooling as you want. I don't plan to oc anytime soon. I bought the retail 1.4 ghz cpu for the 3 year warranty. Do you think the hsf it comes with will be sufficient?
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  1. well you can take a look at tom's heatsink reviews. Noisecontrol silverado is the quietest around and it comes with a rheostat. But its quite expensive.

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  2. What HSF came with the retail CPU?
    Being a retail unit it should ok below 50 deg C, excellent below 40 deg C.
    Have a look at the Dragon orb3 and the SK6 HSF they have just come out and are very good, you will have to put up with noisier fans with bigger CPU's, can always go watercooled..
    Also try <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.. DIGIDOC5 for fan control and hardware monitoring, I hear its excellent.

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  3. Well, the cheapest easiest solution I have found is the millinium glaciator. It is $40, and supposedly cools almost as good as an SK6 equipped with a Delta (loud) but is much quieter. It is big though. You can use it, and if the cooling is not enough for you, although it should be cuzz you are not oc'ing, you can replace the fan.
    Here is a link to their site:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    And a link to a review:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

  4. I can sell you a real good solution for noise for under $10 ! No really just put ya tower under your desk and even use some sound deadening material inside the case.

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  5. To hear the sound of various CPU fans try this link:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Fans </A>
  6. That is a sweet link man, thanx a lot. But I am curious as to how they measured the volume. Are we supposed to turn ours up to a set level or not, to get the idea of how loud it is from x feet away? Otherwise, decible levels mean nothing to me if I do not know how loud to turn my speakers up (or down).
  7. Stop playing around with the cheap heatsinks,,
    be a MAN....go copper
    i like the
    G/W CAK38
    Silver Moutain
    all 3 work great....
    All 3 copper great fans...
    and just put the sides on the case.
    the ones that bitch leave the sides off
    2-3 feet from there head...
    yes the same distance to there ass....

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    Moron outside
  8. Ok, honestly these posts are starting to irritate me. When you ask what is the best heatsink fan, you are asking about the fan, not the heatsink. You get replies of buy this heatsink, buy that heatsink. You can put a different fan on different heatsinks.

    In my opinion, which is limited since I've only used 3 different 60mm fans, the Thermaltake 60mm 31cfm at 28db is the best fan for silent but efficient cooling. I've used the stock Sanyo Denki fan for my Alpha heatsink, which is like 24 cfm at 35db, and I've used the black label turbo prop that is the Delta 7k fan.

    Now if you wanna know about heatsinks, ask what the best heatsink is. A fan is not a heatsink.

    Sorry fellas had to let that out.

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  9. Oh, and your Hedgehog and silver mountain are just cheap imitations of an Alpha Pal. Which is over a year old and still works like a charm. Can't wait for Alpha's next evolution.

    <b>"These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary."
  10. I have a Digital Doc 5. It's awesome, except for the tape they ship it with. Almost all 8 of the thermal probes have fallen off. I'll put them back with different tape. Just a warning.

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