PC World Story - PIII beats Althon 4

In Septembers PC World Magazine there is a very lame comparison of the new mobile .13 micron PIII to a Althon 4 laptop.

They conclude that the PIII beats the Althon 4 by 38% (210 Vs. 152 PC Worldbench Score). “with Intell’s PIII-M stealing the performance Thunder of the somewhat bulkier Althon 4….”

Based on the following two systems do you think this was a fair comparison?

PIII System - Dell 8100
1.113 Ghz CPU
Geforce2go 32mb DDR

Althon 4 System - Compaq Presario 1200
1.0 Ghz CPU

How can they compare processors in systems with a 13% clock speed difference, twice the Ram, and a much more robust video system? The mainstream press never wants to give AMD their due!
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  1. depends... did they say were the same price?

    even thats gotta be hard to do

    get used to it... there are alot of lamb reviewers out there who know nothing about PC's or even get given gifts in return for "impartial" reviews.

    maybe u should write to them and point out all their methodology flaws

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  2. They based their entire review on a single benchmark?

    "Ignorance is bliss, but I tend to get screwed over."
  3. No, they acknowledged that the Althon 4 would be cheaper!

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  4. I don't think its fair. Anyone can put together a scenario in which one computer is shown to dominate another -- aka selective benchmarking.

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  5. Pc world sucks, they had the top 15 desktop pcs a few months back(actually its every month) but they had a p3 system on top of an amd system, what I found hilarious(origional p3 mind you) was both systems had the exact same videocard, and under graphics pc world gave the p3 "very good" and the amd only "good" wtf is up with that?

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  6. Oh Yea, I forgot to mention that the PIII system was running win2k and the AMD had winME.
  7. that like totally sucks man!
  8. dude, stop crying your a$$ off, deal with it! the P3 mobile is better, cooler, smarter! get used to it because, the Athlon4 is getting beat by a P3-s with same clock but lower fsb and sdram, what a shame!

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b>...you are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  9. True but not be 38% maybe 2% or 1% if is the same that in desktop.That true that he use less power and smaller
  10. I'm not going to comment on the processors at the same speed. The 1.13 will probably be faster, but that's for you to decide. However, Dell makes better computers than Compaq. In addition, Win2k is much more stable, and since you'll be buying everything from Dell no worries about incompatibilities, so win2k is the better OS in this case also.
  11. The point is not who makes better computers dell or Compaq. My point was they are comparing a $3,200 laptop to one that cost $1900. And from this they conclude that the CPU is not as good.
  12. i can just see the reviewers with big stickers on their foreheads that read "Moron Inside"

    the sad thing is that people unknowledgable about computers may be swayed by that review

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  13. P3 does not beat the a4 buddy, check the benchmarks I posted in another thread.

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  14. i havent believed a word from pc world since i bought my 66mhz packard bell... unbeatable prices... uhm... yeh... right... die evil b!tch queen die...

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  15. i love your sig! it's so true and funny lol!

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  16. lol i always hated pc world eversince they forced me to buy their stupid subscription. I had some legal thing in the mail saying i owed them money? i have no idea...

    STAY AWAY FROM PC WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    with that said, that should tell you that pc world is a crock and biased and definitly plagued with bureaucracy.

    for one Dells are superior compared to a compaq... just the fact that the dell laptop IS more expensive and at a higher clock has more RAM and double the RAM compared to the compaq, has a much better video solution and then say the dell is better .. well duh! I think they were just compareing the two companies top dawg laptop.

    top dell vs top compaq. You know a techno-illiterate writer when he writes about the computers when they refere to the chip as the computer instead of the actual computer.

    it's a case of "duh"! 5 is higher then 3 lol ya know?

    thats my point of view of it...

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  17. I've gotten tons of those gay owing money crap. Just ignore it, and just recieve the two billion other ones you'll get and they'll eventually stop.

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  18. ya ... it looked legit to me and i didn't wanna go to jail for a measly 20 bucks ...

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  19. Do you realize the only person that spelled Athlon correctly (AmdMeltdown) in this thread so far has been a person who was mocking the chip line? Amazing.

    Althons and Pentiums are just melted rock. Who’s rock is better? Who cares, let’s play some games
  20. It kind of like how Tom's Hardware is baised toward AMD and always find a way to make AMD the better processor no matter what they are comparing. I believe that Tom's Hardware would find a way to make the K6-2 beat out a top of the line Intel P4 1.8ghz.
  21. lol
    Ok, I didn't want him to be alone.

    And yes, THG is AMD biased, but just because it's the better processor :)

    Quarter pounder inside
  22. LOL, BTW, K6-2 is Mhz vs. Mhz faster at least in some areas (like RC-5/OGR numeric crunching etc.) than P4... so what? :)
  23. o, of course that beats althon4
    because the PIII system is 1.113GHz with 256MB RAM and 32mb DDR Geforce2
    and the Althon4 only 1.0GHz and 128mb ram, 8mb ATI
    things just unfair, that's it...
    so before you open your month, make sure everything is fair!!

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