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okay, so I have an asus a7a266, bios 1004, with a 1.2GHz. From what I've read, I gather that bios reports the temp as 10ºC hotter than it actually is. Well, I've been having problems with my computer freezing when I'm playing games or doing anything stressful to the cpu. When I restart it the bios tells me that the cpu temp is 54º-59ºC which I assume translates to 44º-49ºC. I imagine that it's probably a little hotter durring the actual game, but I'm wondering if that's hot enough to actually freeze my computer, and also if 44º-49º is bad in the first place. To solve my problem, I went to the giant computer store down the road and picked up another fan, and then a bottle of silicon heat sink compound from RadioSuck. The compound didn't help at all with my old fan, and installing the new fan didn't make much difference either (I used the compound that came with it just in case the tube stuff was bunk). Does anybody have any idea as to what could be the problem?
The old fan was a Volcano II, and the new one (From CompUSA) says PowerCooler on it.
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  1. Stick with the Volcano II, as it is much better than the Powercooler. If you want high end thermal compound, go with Artic Silver II. I don't know much about the A7A266, so I can't help you there, sorry. 44-49 isn't necessarily too bad, but if you are putting extra load on it with games, that can quickly become 55-60. Some mainboards freeze at that point. Again, Volcano II, aside from the Thermosonic Thermoengine, is about the best you can do. Stay with that.
    Lastly, are you sure your CPU isn't overclocked at all? That does seem rather high for being un-oc'ed...
  2. Check your CPU Volt in the bios..........
    turn it down...

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  3. your temps arnt that bad...when i first got mine i was running up in the 60's with no lockups.
    im inclined to believe that it might be something else cauzing the lockups.
    here's a few things you could try...
    set your ram to CAS3
    underclock your processor and see it it still happens
    check your voltages & fan speeds. are they stable?
    see if you can establish a pattern. more/less often during games or benchmarks. ever under idle?
    leave the side of your case off. if its temp related that should make a difference.
    boot to windoze under safe mode then try a cpu intensive app and see if it still crashes.

    hope it helps

    cauz a full load also puts stress on your mobo, ram and PSU.

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  4. your not useing heat tape are you..
    if so clean that crap off.
    and use just a drop of paste....

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  5. Maybe you should get a Thermalright SK-6. It will lower your temp.
  6. those temps are fine... leave the box alone...

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  7. It's fine
    Don't listen to the witch doctors :)

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  8. The VolcanoII is a great cooler for the money. Unfortunately, some Athlons produce so much heat that for anything over 1200MHz I consider the Volcano II in stock trim to be marginal. You can make it work better by buffing the bottom smoother with a Scothbrite pad and using a reasonable quality paste, such as the Radio Shack stuff or Artic Silver. But what would REALLY make it perform would be a new fan, such as the 32CFM 60x60x25 Evercool fans that sells for $6.

    As for the Powercooler, well, Comp USA says it all.

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  9. I've got an Athlon 1.4 with globalwin FOP-38 cooler and i've never seen it run over 42 degrees, i also have arctic silver thermal compound. I would highly reccomend this cooler

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