Bypassing windows 7 password acer aspire one

M y password is not being
accepted by my Acer Aspire one notebook, it continue to say wrong password. How do i by pass and reset it's a windows 7 starter.
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  1. To Everyone who commented...

    It is stated in Tom's Hardware rules not to ask about bypassing one's password due to the fact that it might not even be his own laptop. You can read the rules here:

    I also don't know the legality of the software to reset a Windows password.
  2. I had forgotten my computer password some times. Compare to many password recovery methods. I think the following methods are better and easier. 1. Try hard to remember 2. Reset password from another user account with administrator credentials 3. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) third party recovery tool. Google third party password recovery tool or Windows Password Seeker. Hope this helps!
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