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I was just wondering whether there is some way to check that the CPU, graphics card and RAM are what I paid for and are running at their rated speeds? (I do not have complete confidence in my local computer retailer). Will "Sandra" do the trick or do i need some other programs?

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  1. nope... sandra 2001te will do the job adequately...
    but it cant tell you if its been overclocked or not, if thats what your worried about.

    the only way to be 100% certain is to look at the ID markings on the CPU die.
    for the graphics card it should be easy, may not give the brand but will say geforce2mx, geforce2pro, radeon LE etc
    cant remember if sandra gives the memory& corse speeds of the graphics card.

    another thing which would be nice from sandra is a benchmark for the graphics card.

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  2. In case it turns out to be overclocked, should I take it back immediately or stick with it? I mean if the processor runs stable and all, isnt it (Whatever Athlon oc'ed to 1.4 GHz) actually a bit faster than a stock 1.4 GHz Athlon? Or will this overclocking dramatically shorten its lifespan?

  3. if it is overclocked it should run at around the same speed (within the range of the standard 1.4s) if its an amd itd be overclocked by way of multiplier not fsb so you shouldnt see a gain in performance over the standard 1.4

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  4. yes... no.... maybe

    when they get a batch they test them at 1.4 first and see which have the best tolerances.
    if they require more of a specific speed type they will take them. if not all the ones that arnt as good are tested then at 1.333 then 1.2 etc
    as the quality of current athlon batches is pretty good, and people have reported getting 1000mhz up to 1.7G i dont suppose you would notice any difference between a real 1.4 and an overclocked 1.2 or 1.333... cept maybe for a slightly higher core temp.

    even so... its the principle. you paid for a 1.4 and thats what you should get.
    you dont accept a car with a smaller engine than what you ordered, even if tuned up, so why should u accept an oc-ed processor?

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  5. Yeah, that's so true. Thanks for the tips guys.

    Here's btw my upcoming rig:

    Asus A7A266 Mobo (3xSDRAM + 2xDDR)
    AMD Athlon T-Bird 1.4 GHz 266 Socket A
    Spire 1.4 GHz Athlon cooler w/copper base
    512 Mb PC-133 SDRAM
    IBM 60GXP 7200rpm 40 Gb UltraATA100
    1.44 Mb HD :)
    Asus V7700 Geforce2 Pro 64 Mb TV
    50x Asus CD-ROM
    SB Live! 1024
    Enlight Midtower
    Win 98


  6. Where'd you find a 1.44MB hard drive? I want one... :)

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  7. LOL
    A 1.44 Mb Harddisk would really be something, wish i had one as a secondary drive.

  8. 1.44mb HD huh...

    the closest i can get is a friend who has an original 10gig HDD from the 086 family!
    and i think it still works (just). course it hasnt been used for years.

    as to what else you can get...hmmm.
    i like windows 2000, despite its quirks. it may have its bugs, but for sheer stability and nifty gagets it winds hands down.
    now when i use my old office97 im actually NOT scared that its gonna crash for no reason while typing a long document.
    gotta be a 10 fold increase in stability.

    ive also heard that the a7a266 is good with sdr, but people have problems with its ddr capability. could just go for the a7m266.
    and you didnt say what ram you are getting.
    make sure its decent brand name cas2 stuff. that will help when the time comes to OC the sucker. or even go for PC150/PC2400 ram if you can find/afford it.
    what about a burner? gotta have a burner mate!
    the 12x range is pretty affordable right now, and can spit out a CD in around 6 minutes.
    just make sure its got burnproof or justlink technology.
    recommended brands include ricoh & plextor.

    think thats about it.

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  9. I do have a burner already, HP cd-writa 8230. And I'll stick with it, since i do not have the money/need to buy a new one.

    As to the RAM, I do not know which brand it is (will be).
    As to OC'ing, I doubt that ill ever do that.

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