Abit BH6: CPU is unworkable - WHY??

I have a ABIT BH6 mobo with a Celeron 300A (slot 1).
Now i have installet a Celeron 466 (socket (370 i guess)) which is placed on a Socket-to-slot1 converter which I have used on a Asus mobo for a year or more.

First when I boot it tells me that it has a Celeron-MMX 432Mhz. but a little later during boot it stops with the message: 'CPU is unworkable or has been changed (Recheck softbios)'. If I press F1 it does continue but is unstable.

When I look in the softbios it has the setting '233 (66MhZ)'
meaning off course CPU: 233 and FSB: 66.
Now I have upgraded my bios to the latest version from Abit and it should support socket versions of Celeron up to 600MhZ.

When I change the speed to 466 MhZ or whatever I have tried it tells me the same as first time 'CPU is unworkable....' and the sets the clock back to '233(66)'

What is wrong???
Please help.
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  1. i belive you need to change the clock myltiplier... 266 is 4x66 and 466 is 7x66 there should be some dip switches on your motherboard and settings for them in the manual...

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  2. There's an option in BIOS to report the change in CPU. Turn it off and that should solve your problems.

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