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recently i got a new computer and a win7 64bit for it.... i installed it and had messed up some settigs super bad. so i thought itll be easier to reinstalll. when i did that, i just said "update" but all my files were still on disc after a successful update. just the settings reverted.

so the question is. if i update a 32bit will the files remain as if they were never touched or will it make a windows.old folder?
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  1. It will make a windows.old folder because you are simply doing a repair (or refresh) of the OS.

    You can't do a repair for a x64 system with an x32 disc though. You might have used the x64 disc anyway which is fine.
  2. win 7 32bit updatig to win7 64bit will make wondows.old folder then?

    and when i did 64 to 64 it just did a repair and not full reinstall?
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