How do i run hdmi to vga t v

my blue ray only has one video out option -- (HDMI). My T.V. has 2 HDMI ports currently in use, and 1 unoccupied VGA (15-pin) connector port. What are my option(s) to connect if I want to use the VGA (15-pin). How do I know if the T.V. (3 year old 42" Sylvania) will accept using this port from the HDMI on my blue ray?

Thanks, Don
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  1. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    That would work so he could have more HDMI ports for his TV, but I think he was thinking of using the VGA port. I'd rather use the HDMI switcher that you listed, but if the OP wants to use the HDMI to VGA converter, than I've listed one below:

    HDMI to VGA and Audio Converter ( Support 1080P, Input HDMI, Video Output: VGA, Audio Output: 3.5 mm-outs )

    The only thing that you would need additionally from the HDMI to VGA converter, is a Audio cable (3.5 mm end connectors) and another HDMI cable from the converter box to the TV. Like I said before, it's much easier to just use the HDMI switcher box instead, because you get both the audio and video on the same HDMI cable.

    $7 6' HDMI cables, if you need them:)
    Nippon Labs Premium High Performance HDMI Cable 6 ft. HDMI TO HDMI Cable A/V Gold Plated for 1080P cable HDTV Cable PS3 Cable and Xbox 360 Cable
  2. He would get better results with the hub.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    He would get better results with the hub.

    That is what I stated, but if he wanted to (not that I would) he could use the box that I listed. I would use the HUB myself, but to each his own.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Thanks Blackbird for your reply. However, rather than adding multi port HDMI capability I was hoping to get away with buying one cable. -- blue ray HDMI output to my Television VGA input. I have found a cable with these cable ends but, I don't know if the TV will accept this conversion. I know it WILL work with a 15 pin to 15 pin computer to TV. But I've never had a Blue Ray player before now and don't know if I would be wasting time and money buying a cable ($7) instead of a converter ($25). I hate to sound cheap but I'm far from flush with cash to not be frugal.
  5. I'm no expert on this, but I believe as long as the converter can carry the HDCP signal it should work. Blue Ray players will only display on HDCP enabled video displays. In fact, I would think that HDCP would be built into the blu ray and TV and the cable shouldn't necessarily care about what's being passed over the cable (straight pass thru).
  6. That's why i said an HDMI hub ^
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