Fall Softly, Intel

Wow!! Van Smith let it loose. Does this guy like Intel or not? Here is a link to a highly interesting article, if true Intel will Sink.

<A HREF="" target="_new">Intel Needs to Fess Up
Posted By Van Smith
Date: August 2, 2001</A>

<b><font color=blue>Fall Softly, Intel</font color=blue><i></b>

The warning we issued at the end of our article, “A Titan Falls,” was not made frivolously. If Intel does not fall softly, the ramifications could be severe for the entire global economy. The market swing of the last day is only an indication of what could happen if this colossus does not measure its actions wisely and ends up falling with a fury. We can only hope that Intel and its minions recognize that limiting the damage to themselves -- and taking the lumps that come with it -- is wiser than trying to bring down everyone else with them.

But if Intel chooses to try to soften its plunge with the bodies of bystanders, we hope that companies follow VIA’s and FIC’s lead and fight back with the truth. Intel is slipping because of competition with AMD, not because of broad, only secondarily related market forces.


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  1. stupid link
  2. moo tah! all i can say is intel wont fall... all the way at least... theyll near the bottom of the near bottomless pit of potential bakrupcy then theyll develop a miracle product of some sort... thatll be what happens... lol... then again maybe not...

    you do not strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
  3. Tell me why you feel this link to be stupid?

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  4. Because Juin is an intel troll.

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  5. Question remains why do you want to see them fall so bad? Intel usually has a great product this time around they don’t so why do you harp on it? The K6-2 sucked and the K6-3 as well. Do we still dwell on that AMD low point (some might I am not sure)?

    All I am saying is this is absurd the amount of discontent towards a company. They are out to make a buck just like the rest of us. Plus this evil company has brought us quite a few technologies as well. They donate to schools with equipment and scholarships (in other fields other than electronic engineering). All I am saying is they screwed up this time so what AMD isn’t clean either; Hot running, power hungry, flaky chipsets, and an unclear road map. I give AMD credit they are holding their own, but giants like Intel don’t fade away.

    Think of it this way do you really think that the engineers and the executive heads chit chat over their plans for design and implementation? I doubt that very much, each do what they are paid for (well there is Dr. Andy Grove) but he don’t count. One group makes, designs, tests, and implements the product. The other group deals with the sales pitch, prices, and the ever present stock holders. I am not sure maybe AMD is happy with a never growing market and rely on word of mouth to grow because the way I see it is that when Intel spends money on P and R they are spending it for the industry as a whole getting people interested in the world we call computers. So this great evil gets these folks into the stores to check the newest and fastest out, and being the industry is stagnant these people don’t want to spend a great deal so what do they buy? They buy AMD.

    All I am is curious as to why.


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  6. Quote:
    <font color=blue><b><i>Question remains why do you want to see them fall so bad? . . . . .

    </b></i></font color=blue>

    What makes you think I want them to fall? I rather they put out a kick ass chip that plows the AMD chips into the ground and sell them for $2 apieace. Just a very unrealistic expectation. Really I would like to see both companies succeed and drive each other to produce the best chips as possible. I just linked the article because I found it interesting thats all. Doesn't mean I agree or disaggree with the statements. I do think Intel is performing poorly in the last two years. I see AMD next year having virtually the same market share as Intel does now. Northwood better be good and cheap otherwise Intel will need to down size big time.

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  7. Hot damn, you're actually giving an honest appraisal.

    All this reform happened when you turned 20? When I turned 20, I just turned meaner. :tongue:


    "/join #hackerz. See the Web. DoS interesting people."
  8. cos they are complete geeks argueing over what cpu is better lol!

    I really think the refreshed pentium 4 will be something that will get intel on the right track. (even though the chip looks ugly! look at it! it's nasty! no more neato blue die showing it's face :( ) i think the athlon 4 is just the start for AMD and everything else in the past was just kind of an attempt to get into the market place. I literally think it's going to split right down the middle 50/50 +/- 5% as far as market share in the next 2 years. It is truely a great time for computer nerds and starting computer nerds :) ... here is my prediction .. nvidia comes out with a killer CPU/GPU processor that not only does your floating point and whatnot but also does 3d graphics on the chip. Imagine a 3000mhz GPU ... 300FPS 1600x1280x32 *drools* lol sorry ... and then intel and amd team up to fight against the powers of evil (nvidia) and with the mighty sword of light intelamd chops nvidia into peices and may the intel vs amd flame war reighn forever. lol! sorry got a little carried away lol ...

    Have fun!
  9. Quote:
    Tell me why you feel this link to be stupid?

    Anything that Intel is shown negatively!

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  10. <A HREF="http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20010806/tc/tech_intel_dc_4.html" target="_new">Intel Shares Slip Amid Price War Concerns</A>

    <b><font color=blue>'WE WILL DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO' -- INTEL

    An Intel spokesman declined to comment, citing the company's policy of not discussing price cuts before they are announced. Intel, however, routinely cuts prices on its chips as the cost to produce them falls, as well as to stimulate demand.

    In Intel's second-quarter conference call in mid-July, executive vice president Paul Otellini said that <font color=red>Intel would do everything it could to push the market to the Pentium 4 as the mainstream processor by year's end</font color=red>.

    ``On pricing, <font color=red>we will do what we need to do to transition to the Pentium 4 from the Pentium III,''</font color=red> he said on the call. That was clearly interpreted by analysts to mean that Intel would not stand idly by and see its market share slip to AMD.

    </font color=blue></b>

    So much for the new .13 PIII's. :(
    Also the article mention price cuts of 50% on Intel high end chips. They need to do better then that.

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  11. Juin you are to talk about stupid...ever look at your posts!

    Intel is just as f*cked up as Microsoft!

    96.3 % of Statistics are made up.
  12. 50% price cut still won't beat AMD.

    From pricewatch:

    $150 AMD 1.4GHz Athlon 266 FSB
    $565 - Pentium 4 1.8GHz

    565/2 = 282.5

    150 to 282.5

    Who in the hell would pay 132.5 more for the same preformace? They are gonna have to do WAY better than 50% to even MATCH AMD. This is without any price cuts AMD might even make. Any way you see it, Intel is gonna keep losing market share to the more informed public.
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