USB Headset sound manager driver problem

I got the Cyborg F.R.E.Q. 5 USB headset for my computer and I can't seem to get it working. My computer uses the Realtek HD audio manager which seems like a piece of *** to me. I plug in the mic and my computer makes the noise of a USB item connecting but nothing happens. I cannot get the headset to play audio out of it or use the microphone.

I downloaded the software: Cyborg_5.1_win7_Drivers.exe

I open it up and nothing happens. So I found the program download in my downloads and ran it again. "Do you want to replace the already existing files?" Yes. So the files are clearly on the computer.

I have done it several times yes, replaced the files, no not replaced them.

I go into the folder where the files are and click "Setup" since it doesn't pop up for some strange reason and it says:
"Windows cannot find 'C:\yadayadayada'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again.

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  1. Then I went to another "Setup" option in the software files and it says "Please plug-in USB Multi-Channel Audio Device device (sic)"

    But it is already plugged in. Yes, I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and yes I tried restarting the computer a few times.
  2. Try downloading the file again - it may have become corrupt.

    Failing that, go into your windows sound options and make sure your headphones are selected as the default sound device.
  3. Downloaded both files from:

    the "Latest Driver" download and the "Latest Software" download. Re ran those "this program already exists, do you want to replace it?", yes then it says "Plug in the device". I do and it doesn't detect it. Says something like "no controllers found" or some crap. In the download folder, there is a sub folder that says "WIN7" so I click that, click setup and it won't work, saying "Please plug in USB multi channel Audio device device!(sic)".

    I have to right click the program at the tool bar so I can close it out and it says "Vista Driver Installer" even though I ran the "WIN7" setup folder one.
  4. I went to control panel > all control panel items > devices and printers. There is an exclamation that says "There is a problem with the driver for the Programmable Root Enumerator." I ran the fix but it didn't work.

    Screen shot of that:
  5. I'm having this problem as well; I'd really like to be able to use this headset that I bought, but the drivers won't install because my computer apparently won't detect the external unit that came with it.
    I don't think the drivers were even installed to begin with.
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