Cheap notebook with a decent video card?

Well ideally it would be nice to be able to buy parts like you could for a desktop and build your own notebook. That is not the case it seems.

I’m a student with a relatively low amount of money. I would like to get a CHEAP notebook with a geforce4 go or radeon 9000 mobile. I am not concerned about the processor speed (around 1.7 GHz is fine). I don’t need an operating system on it (as I have a spare win2k copy.)

The problem is it seems ether notebooks have poor sis video and are slow or are fast with decent video.

Any one know where I could get a notebook for cheap with a decent video, and just the basics; 1.7 amd (assuming amd is cheaper), 256 of 2100 ddr ram, 16 x normal cd rom, 20 gig hd?

This is for programming away from my desk; I am working on open GL games so I need the video card.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. an actual budget limit in numbers could help us help you choose something

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  2. I've been able to find a computer with no OS with every thing i need for 800, so i figure 950$ is ideal for what im looking for.

    Basiclly the less I spend the better I can eat, so the less, the better ;)
  3. i would recommend doing a ebay search. cheap new laptops like that are hard to find. you may wanna go to and check out the inspiron 5100 base at 950 bucks. it has very good hardware parts but it has a radeon 7500. it will be good for programming and pretty decent for open gl stuff. Im sure a program like maya 5 will run decently on that machine so i have no doubt any other open gl stuff will work fine.

    My computer is so fast it proves the theory of relativity wrong... :eek:
  4. You should also take a look at the refurbished Dell machines. They are essentially used notebooks, but have been refurbished by Dell. You should be able to get ideas even if you don't find something you like.


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  5. So finding one without a OS wont necissarly save me money?
  6. well, manufacturers like dell, toshiba, sony always include an OS. but they are cheap. companies like,, etc... have the option of not including an OS, but their cheapest model are over your budget limit. Maybe you can find computers on ebay without OS. Im not sure about refurbished dell computers tho. A laptop with OS included wont add the price of your computer too much tho, something around 50 - 100 bucks depending on the OS. pick the cheapest OS if you can.

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  7. A compaq Presario 2500 notebook probably suitable for you
    at less than US$1100.

    Try customizing below:
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