Can anyone help me on this networking problem?

I have a question on routing, can anyone help me to clarify this?

We have to support a remote site system. It has a phone line connection that allows us to dial-up to the server for supporting jobs. However, only the machine that has dial-up to the server can TELENT or FTP to that server, other computer on the office's lan cannot make use of the connection. Is there any way to make this connection sharing possible?

Note that the subnet IP of my office's LAN is different from that remote dial-up IP.

Thanks for your good advice.

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  1. i thought you could do something like shareing internet connections with the msn setup icon on the desktop when you first install windows.

    sorry i cant be much more help iv only been running lans for 1 year or so (and im selling a computer)

    im a boring old fart and a crazy loon.
    im also a mad alcoholic git but do that matter! :smile:
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