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Does anyone know where to get windows 7 home premium 64 bit cheap in Australia? (has to be retail not OEM)
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  1. What do you consider cheap?
  2. Under $200 maybe?
  3. check Microsoft download sight for there cost. sometimes it a lot cheaper then buying the disks. if you do buy the download iso burn it to a cd and move it to a usb stick. also try ebay to see if there any new copys there. but be care full of fakes and or people selling the disk with no oem keys. also try online computer sellers to see if they still have any in stock. (amazon).
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    On, ship to Aus for $12.29 according to their International rates for CDs
    Should amount to less than AUD200...
    Smorizio best idea, AUD189 for download plus cost of a disk (or not if you have USB flash)
  5. thanks for the advice I think I will buy from amazon since microsoft only have windows 8 downloads now
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