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A few weeks ago i bought my new system. 1.333T-BIRD (not overclocked),ASUS A7M266, 2x128 DDR CHIPS. I already had a GeForce 2 GTS etc etc... The problem is when i try to play games. after a while (may be 2minutes to 2hours) the game closes and i get back to windows or even worse, the entire computer freezes. I searched this a lot, it's not a software, overheating or a video card problem. 2 days ago i lowered the FSB from 133 to 130 and it hasn't crash until now. the cpu now runs at 1299mhz. What do you think it is and how do i fix the problem? plz help.
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  1. look at the sig... does it crash with EVERY game?

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  2. yeap! It crashes with every game. and i'm sure it's not windows problem or software generally.... i tried everything about software.
  3. you tried a reinstall? also try relocating the card to a different slot...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  4. It's your ram, make sure they are not set to cl2(most ddr is cl2.5) also, try the games with one than the other ramstick seperatly, at 133/266, see if one of them is just bad.

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  5. Hmmm...what all did you load in the way of chipset drivers?


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  6. how do i make sure they are not set to cl2 and how do i change it?
  7. In the motherboards bios, there should be a section called dram timing, it should say 2.5, or set dram by spd. The mobo manual will let you know where. Also do a search on the net for a bios tuning guide for your motherboar, and it will give you options, personally I would try one or the other stick first, and just see, but keep the bus at 133/266, you paid for it and by god you deserve it lol.
    Also try switching the posistions of them ram. It could help(timing may be off).

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  9. Fugger you cockless tard, he has a ram issue, pentiums arent immune from them either.
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  10. i checked the dram timing, it's set to 2.5T. I haven't checked the ram sticks to see if one of them is bad yet... but what if both of them are bad? how will i know?
  11. Just keep replacing parts! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

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    After many hours of fustration you might get lucky and find the "bad part".

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    You get what you pay for.
  12. What is your problem...really?
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  16. Try one, then the other, the odds both are bad are very slim.

    PS: fugger, is your ass compatable with the northwood's new socket?

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
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  18. "PS: fugger, is your ass compatable with the northwood's new socket?"


    And FUGGER, these is no problem with AMD. Only reason you hear about more problems is because MORE PEOPLE HAVE THEM. I don't think that will make sense to you, so let me lay it out.

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  20. That is what you get for buying a cheap piece of crap AMD processor. When you want your computer to work buy Intel. When you want your computer to crash and lockup use AMD. I hope all of you learn a very important lesson, AMD SUCKS!
  21. Amdsucks, did you go to the amdmeltdown school of heatsink instalation?

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  22. Quote:
    When you want your computer to crash and lockup use AMD.

    Someone finally understands why I bought an Athlon! I <i>want</i> my computer to crash...

    ...but it won't! I mean, what am I supposed to do? I buy a cheap-ass HSF hoping it will overheat, I use an unapproved power supply, I push it hard day and night, I shove a multifunction I2O device or two in there, I even run a power-hungry GeForce on beta drivers. It just won't crash! <i>What do I have to do, stick the HSF on upside down?</i>

    *sniff* Can't I even get a corrupt JPEG or a chipped core? Dammit, I want what I paid for!

    I know what, I'm calling AMD tech support right now to find out why my system doesn't crash. If they can't suggest something to make it crash, I'm going to <i><b>demand</b></i> to be charged more!

    It's time to make a stand! Never again will free men be charged so little for such kickass, stable CPUs!

    I'll forgive your ignorance, since you've probably never gotten up the courage to try a T-bird CPU. Anyways...back to helping whoever started this thread...

    What chipset drivers are you running exactly? The manufacturer might have somehow missed applying them, or they might be an old version (VIA drivers especially). The fact that it crashes mostly in games suggests that your AGP miniport drivers aren't up to snuff (or possibly your nVidia drivers).


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  23. Have you tried tweaking your dram voltage? It’s a jumper right by your IDE ports named “VIO1”. I’d move it from the pin 1-2 position 2.7v to the 3-4 position 2.8v. Then try the 2-3 position at 2.9v. It could only get better or worse or might not change at all.

  24. You are supposed to remove that jumper completely, as leaving it on overclocks your RAM. Go to and look for the Asus A7M266 review and you will see what I mean. Normal DDR voltage is 2.5v, leaving the jumper sets it to 2.8v. Take it off completely and less problems should arise.
  25. u say its not a software problem...
    what did u do exactly to prove that?
    as your PC doesnt lockup ALL the time, im suspecting it still may be a software bug.
    does it happen when you run a processor intensive application WITHOUT graphics? ie. SETI@home?
    does it happen equally with direct3d & openGL?

    if its ONLY with 3d then i can see it may be one of the following.

    software issue. (i know u have said u have checked taht, but try different verions of directx & detonators), try running at AGP 2x.
    hardware issue: not enough power when running at full speed with the GPU (unlikely), flaw with the graphics card or AGP socket.

    hope this sparks some ideas

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  26. i told you i tried everything about software issues and that didn't help at all. it's definately not a software issue. It only gets better when i lower the fsb to 130 from 133. i havent tried the jumper yet or to see if one of the sticks are bad.
  27. Right now i use detonators 12.41 and via 4in1 4.32. I tried nearly all detonators and via 4in1 and AMD 4in1 too. I formatted several times... I repeat, all is normal when i lower the fsb from 133 to 130!
  28. possibly a ram problem...
    if you have unlocked multipliers u may wish to try the same total Mhz but using a slower system bus
    12x100 instead of 9x133
    then u can absolutely rule out an overheating cpu.

    but i think most likely its ya ram for some reason.
    cas 3 running at cas2? poor cas3?

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  29. Spot on my friend, courage is the key to success. Dont know any other cpu that requires it.
  30. Hmmm. Just for information, what OS do you use? Is there a possibility of swapping out that RAM and trying some that you know works? Also, I'd suggest making sure that nothing is overclocked in the slightest and that cooling and the temperatures on everything is good.

    Also, AMDs are not piles of crap, nor are Intels. They are both good, but they both have their problems sometimes. If you don't want to help this guy, then don't say anything! "AMD sucks" post are not helpful to a person who needs help. If your computer was the one not doing something that you wanted to, I'm sure you'd feel the same. And please, spare me the predictable "my computer always works cause its Intel" posts... just grow up.
  31. Your problem may well be the ram is being ran out of spec. This isn't your fault. Your bios claims 133fsb but is actually 134.4. This will explain why lowering it solves the problem. I’m not a genius I just read Toms feature on motherboards (his leading article on the home page) so was in a position to spot the problem straight away.
    Hope this helps

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  32. Toms, I think you are probably right on target. bad memory can often account for system problems. That and bad power supply (power supplies that don't deliver stable enough levels of power. Some MB manufacturers are going so far as to add circuitry to help ensure the power from the PS is stable enough...I'm not techie enough to understand that part of it, but these two things usually are the culprits with system problems with AMD systems.


    PS: Most reviewers consider levels of compatibility to be on par between Athlon/Duron systems and P4/P3/Celeron systems, with a similar amount of incompatibility for both. It seems most systems can encounter compatibility problems whether Intel or AMD based CPU.

    When all else fails, throw your computer out the window!!!
  33. I've tried win98 and win ME several times. it's the same. i don't have any other ram chips i already know they are ok to try...
  34. Predgr, you having fun yet with your new AMD?
    No? bummer =)

    Im supprised you didnt save enough money to buy new memory.
    Once you get new memory and find out that it wasnt the problem what you gonna do? get a new system and start over? hahahahaha
  35. So what system do you have?
  36. I replied of "fed up" thread.
  37. If it's a bad memory problem, which ddr chip do you suggest i should buy? which brands are the best and most compatible with my system?
  38. moo... TAH!

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  39. Dont buy any memory yet, try one ram stick, alone, then try the other, do they both, or one freeze up, if they both freeze up, then I doubt its a ram problem, if only one freezes up, congradulations you have a bad stick of ram, if they both are good, it may be a timing issue between them or a psu issues( 1 stick of ram sucks like 15 watts I saw on techtv).

    for ddr ram, I would get corsair pc2400 CL2 ram, very good ram, runs at 300mhz ddr at cl2, but should run at pc2100 with the most aggressive ram timings.

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  40. Hay fuggger take your head out of your rear. So we can understand you better.

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    Well fact is I had a intel system that crashed almost every other day. Did it suck. NO it had a problem. I found it had a chip on the mother board that was falty. I fix it. It ran good

    When I wanted to upgrage I went for Amd. Yes it can be tricky to setup So is Intel's Crap. But Like every Amd User. They read there books. Set it up and they run fine. This guy on here has a problem. People here are trying to help. Where you act like a 6 year old.

    All I can say to you Grow UP or go have your mommy change your diaper.
  41. Problem Solved!
    I removed the V01 jumper completely. it was set to 2.8V, don't know why... For 2 days now everything seems to runs smoothly! Thanks a lot guys!
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