How to full format my laptop hard drive windows 7 without bootable disk


I need your support for how to full format my laptop hard drive.
I have already Re install windows 7 in E: drive. Previously i have win-7 in C: drive after encounter some prblems, Re install new win-7 but that time i didnt format the hard disk thats why its install in drive E. Now when start the up of the lap top both selection are coming will start with old win or new win-7...and having some trouble with my win-7 thats why i want to full format the hard dive without bootable disk and install new win-7.
what can i do for that. For that needed your kind assitance

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  1. I think what you did was select Upgrade when installing Windows 7, which gave you 2 operating systems. What you need to do is select the other option that does a clean install. It will still retain all your old files in a folder called windows.old, which you can delete yourself.
  2. remove your email so you dont get spammed. if you have the windows boot cd boot from it and go into advace mode and delete all the partion on your hard drive. then reboot and let windows 7 make new ones. just be care full as most laptop vendors put the restore partion for windows on the hard drive now. if you dont have a cd-rom drive from another pc you can download hirem boot cd and make it bootble usb stick or use the windows iso to usb tool to make a bootable usb stick.
  3. i was installed Windows 8 but recently installed Windows 7. as a result Windows 8 not format, i starting Windows than both Windows display and want to select one. if i enter w7 or w8 both working.
  4. buy a memory stick, backup everything you want to keep, and then start to figure out how to install windows.
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