Games crashing after 10-40min

Hello, ive got a new computer
win7 64bit home premium edition
processor i7 930, GA-X58A-U3DR, HD5850 MSI gpu, kingston 2x2048mb ram, 700watt thermaltake PSU.(forgot anything important?)

ive ran a few games(for example, bad company 2, global agenda, left 4 dead 2)
after a reletivly short time playing, or maybe even a few rounds, the computer will crash completly unresponsive.

sometime sound stutters, sometime not, screen colors come out black, white or grey.. but the one pops up the most is brown/grey with sorta stripes.

with small exception, 2 just crashed the game(bc2) and once it returned to game after 30sec(l4d2)

ive checked everything with the GPU, it doesnt overheat(under stress and marks for over an hour it never got past 68c.

I've reinstalled drivers, directx, tried running with Compatibility to win xp sp3.

im out of ideas what to try, surfing, and useing anything else the computer has to offer doesnt crash at all.

i'd appreciate any help, im drawing blank and not finding any solutions that work, but ive seen a few posts with similer problem, maybe it being win7 64bit

thanks in advance
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  1. I'd go and do a fairly through RAM test.
    You can download and create a Memtest86 bootable CD and use it to run a 24hr test cycle. look for Free Download.
  2. lower the game graphic settings. if no crashes, your system's hardware is fine.
  3. silly question here, but do you have a rotating/alternating desktop background? Are there any high quality images there (lets just say 2560*2048 pixels)? I had a problem with mine, took me a couple of hours to solve, but windows cycled through the desktop background folder, I had a few files in there that were 9megs up to 128+ meg for photos and other jpg, tiff etc.etc. and when windows went to set them as the background, it froze for a few mins (with the 128+ it might as well have crashed cos it took nearly 15 minutes to render one of the effin images) but while I was playing it crashed the game. so long story short I removed the images over 9megs but left a couple in that were 5000*5000 pixels that displayed correctly but when I was playing a game it still did the same for those. Once I resized them down it worked perfectly.
  4. other than that I'd say you have a faulty GPU. Used to happen to a few old cards I had.
  5. Lower'd game graphic - same result, at max or min fps is allmost fixated on 60, and game ended up crashing(reproduced in 3 games, twice in each).

    i went through my desktop backround folder, didnt see any, but i dont know where win7 themes are downloaded to, just incase, i turned it to basic theme without changing backround.

    tonight i will start memtest, hopefully the issue is there.
  6. Set your BIOS settinfs to auto or deault. Are you OC'ing your CPU?
    If that fixes the problems by resetting BIOS, congrats.

    If not, then underclock your GPU core and memory by 15% to 20 %, if no crashes then you need to RMA or return under warranty your videocard since it won't work at its stock settings.
  7. no OC, underclocking the gpu through MSI Afterburner didnt do the trick.
    memtest revealed no problem.

    i have since completly wiped everythign and restarted, after useing driver sweeper in safe mode to remove every trace of Catalyst 10.4, i reinstalled catalyst 10.4

    the crashing in allmost every game stopped(or i was just lucky, i didnt play over 1-2 hours in each)
    EXEPT - in battlefield: Bad Company 2... i still get numerous crashes, sometime just as i load into a map, other times 10-30minutes into a game.. i have yet to manage playing a full hour with no crash..

    i might need to move this to the graphic card forums.
    unless soemoen have more ideas for me to check
    i'll be moveing the question to graphic cards forums

    -thanks everyone for replying even though it didnt solve, i am grateful for the help
  8. sounds like the driver for the video card, I quit using Ati because of driver problems years ago, try rolling the drivers back to a older stable version
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