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what is the short cut key of command prompt??
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  1. You could hold down shift, right click, then select command prompt, that's the quickest way I know know of.
  2. Or click on the start, or the start pearl of windows 7 and type: Cmd in the search box press enter.
  3. You can asign the shortcut key to command prompt

    Many Windows users miss this feature. For each shortcut in your Start menu, you can associate a hotkey with it. Right click on Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt. Click Properties.

    Click on the text field of Shortcut key and press Ctrl-Alt-Z. Then click OK.

    Now no matter where you are, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Z will get you to the command prompt.
  4. Another solutiion: If you enable Quick Launch toolbar, first ten items on it are assigned <Win><0>, <Win><1> ... <Win><9>. You can drag shortcuts to Quick Launch from Start Menu
  5. HERE is a list of all known Win 7 keyboard shortcuts. Enjoy!
  6. windows key + r
    type cmd
    hit enter
  7. You can also press Win + x.
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