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I can go to any direct website fine, and if I click on a link that takes me to a another page I am fine, but when I click on a link that opens another browser or page that second page never pulls up. I can see the border of it and the old ms flag, but it never gets anywhere.
exambles: pop up adds never go through all the way, email links that open another windows never go through, as any link that opens another never goes through.
I have xp, cookies are medlow,disable firewall. I rolled back video drivers.
The only thing I can think of is I did load the new windows media nine. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Scroll down <A HREF="" target="_new">this page</A> to GnomeTIP. For your convience, I've copied it here:

    <font color=green>Oh no! The links aren't working like they once did in Outlook Express. You either can't click 'em or they're not going anywhere. Or, perhaps every time you open a link in a new window through your mail client, Internet Explorer spits back a blank page. Have no fear - Geekdude is here! The solution is quite simple (and it doesn't require a reinstallation); we just need to re-register the URL monitor. Heck, if you're having any kind of hyperlink hassle, give this a whirl. When software doesn't behave, sometimes you have to spank it. Click on Start | Run and enter: "REGSVR32 URLMON.DLL" (sans quotes). You should then have a dialog tell you that the procedure was completed. Next, fire up Microsoft's Web Browser (IE) and Click Tools | Internet Options | Programs | then click the "Reset Web Settings" button. Now, check to see if Web links work like they should in your e-mail client. With any luck, you'll have returned your system to normal.</font color=green>

    Is that it?


    <font color=red>Taking stabs in the dark once again...</font color=red>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"><b>My System Rig</b></A>
  2. That sounds like the exact same problem. It is not just in my mail programs, but also any time a link opens another window.For example when I click on your system rig link, I get a new tool bar and a clear window that pops up and never goes anywhere.
    I tried it a few times and it didnt work, I will try again. It sounds like were almost there.

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