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I would like info about the normal cpu temperature for a amd 1,2 ghz ddr (266)

I have a with a a7-a266 for motherboard

i usually am at 34 C, Is it normal ?
or should it be higher ?

btw for info i dont have a mega cooling kit , i only have the fan i got with my cpu in a amd box

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  1. You'll be fine. Once you hit high 40s or 50s, you'll start having problems. But some people can go higher than that.
    Anyhow, you'll be totally ok.

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  2. The lower the better! Don't worry so much! :0

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  3. Problems in 40 or 50? Eek!! My Thunderbird 1200 266 is at 45 with case off and idling. With case on and running games it can go up to 59! Is this bad? I guess that GlobalWin HSF wasn't very good after all.. Also, my graphics card (Asus GF2 GTS 32Mb DDR) is usually pretty [-peep-] hot.

    Btw, ch3mical, what heatsink/fan do you use? The only ones that got down to 35 in the recent cooler test was the two Swiftech ones(MC462/MC370-0A)..<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by dunkelzahn on 08/10/01 12:03 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. hey

    i have the fan i got in box of my amd t-bird 1.2 ddr
    humm for th rest i open all my panel and i have air condionneer in my house

    i have a secondary fan for my case but its not in front of my cpu

    since my panel or all open i dont think this fan his for something

    i tought my heat detector was broken but i touch my heat sink between my fan and my cpu will running to see if it was hot

    and its not so maybe im a lucky man ;oP
    or im crazy ;0)

  5. If you check the offical "AMD Thermal, Mechanical and Chasis Cooling Design Guide" max CPU temperature for Athlons above 1.1GHz is 95C. So, 59C is still acceptable. But of course, the lower the better :)

    Once I had to use a real crap cooler (not bigger than a blue orb) on my Duron 600. Under load the temps were reaching 65C. Than I've got my FOP32. Now its sitting somewhere near 40-45C. BTW, thats with 600@750 setting :) LOL!

    I wonder why I can't pass the 800MHz barrier where most people can reach 1Gig. Whenever I pass 800MHz, windows gives registery errors. Even pumping the core voltage doesn't help. The temps never get beyond 50C, so high temp is not an issue here, I suppose...

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  6. Sorry, once again I made a vague post.

    From my experience (and some others), when I get to high 40s and 50s, I have freezes and reboots. It's partially my video drivers (which I'm in the process of changing), but that's my experience. If you run that high with no problems, than don't worry about it.

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  7. I'm in almost the exact same situation as ch3mical here. I have an Asus A7A-266 motherboard and an athlon 1.2 Ghz Tbird (and an Asus Geforce 2 w/DDR incidently).

    This is the first computer I've ever built myself. I put it together last night, and noticed that it was operating at 63C idle, and it would climb up to 66C if I did something like play a game or burn a CD. So I turned it off, and I'v been reluctant to start using it again. I'm not worried about melting the processor since I understand it has to get up to 90 something before it can be damaged, but I still dont' like it the way it is since most people I know operate at less than 60.

    <A HREF="http://www.tcwo.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=710&sid=1gi2Ty0Gv0GW143" target="_new">This</A> is the cooler I bought. I figured it would be enough, but like I said this is the first computer I've ever put together myself. The only thing I can think of is that the patch of glue on the heatsink was a little dirty when I put it on the processor. Could that have anything to do with it?

    On a side note, I'll probably go out and buy a new fan/HS today. I know that putting on a new one means I have to wash the thermal glue of the processor or something. How should I go about that?
  8. It's been said a hundred times, but I'll say it again. The Chrome orb is a piece oh pooh...

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  9. What about the video card? I'm quite worried. It gets really hot, especially when I play games(~60°C). I haven't experienced any trouble with it though. Would a case fan help lower the overall temperature?
  10. To add to this, thermistors on motherboards are all different, in different places with different calibrations, my 50C may be someone elses 40C, so comparing motherboard temp readings on varying motherboards is a shot in the dark at best.

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  11. Here are some suggestions I have from my overclocking experience. Get a huge power supply! The BIGGER THE BETTER! Enermax is preferred (make sure it has two fans). Next, get a good heatsink/fan. A 7000RPM Delta fan is the best. A good CPU fan is useless without good case cooling. You need at least an exhaust fan to get rid of the hot air. Another fan for intake is preferable. Get a motherboard with a fan on the chipset so overclocking the FSB wouldn't overheat the chipset. Well, that's pretty much it. I hope this helps.

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  12. Hi, how's it? Here's a quick tip for you ....

    I know this will sound so simple but it is super effective.

    If you have a tower case as you most probably do....just take off one of the side panels of the case and you should get as much as 15 degress celsius reduction in heat!

    Also just remember to put the panel back on when you have finished unless you want to clean out the case once a month!

  13. >What about the video card? I'm quite worried. It gets really hot, especially when I play games(~60°C).

    I also wonder.. When I got a Digidoc5 I placed a sensor on my (overclocked) Geforce MX. It doesnt have a heatsink (let alone a fan), and I freaked out when I saw it got up to 75°c !! I quickly put an old 486 fan on it (close to it, glued it to a nearby PCI slot with removable 'hot' glue, you know this glue that melts in such a glue pistol thing...)

    Now it runs 50° max.. im much more confortable.. should do while I wait for a GF2 Pro..

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