Free bios for fujitsu siemens amilo L7310GW

i flashed my bios in windows, using a flash from fujitsu siemens website. it stopped halfway, then it just refused to show anything on screen. i shoulda known better but is there a way to re-flash the bios with the information i have presented. please help, i welcome any solutions.
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  1. Hello champsurfer;

    What brand of BIOS does your L7310GW? AMI, PHOENIX or other?
  2. Fujitsu Technology Solutions - Forum
    Bad BIOS Flash On A L7310GW!

    Unfortunately he didn't get an answer to his question.
    But it showed the research he did to find some failed BIOS solutions.
    In the case linked in his post it was for an Acer laptop with PHOENIX BIOS.

    You might get lucky searching google using terms like:
    laptop failed bios flash
    laptop failed Phoenix bios flash
    laptop failed AMI bios flash
    laptop failed your -FS L7310GW brand- bios flash

    good luck.
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