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Hello, i was wondering if you sorted problem out ?? i have just started to have the same problem ..i installed the new invidia driver for my 590 gtx and things went weird i feel it may be an nvidia problem oh sorry i run an 172600k same mobo as you and bit different video card but hey we have very similar systems anyway ..originally new nvida updates wouldnt work on my machine i was stuck wit the original drivers for 12 months now until the relase before the new on and all was well till recently ....what do you think ???
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  1. Hi kyoshisama

    We have no idea who you are referring to when you say "i was wondering if you sorted problem out ?" since you didn't provide a link to the appropriate thread.

    If the original drivers were working okay you should have left them alone - even if they were 12 months or even two years old. You don't update any drivers for any device just because a newer version is available, unless the update solves a specific problem you are experiencing.

    Try "rolling back" the driver in Device Manager properties for the graphics card.
    Double-click the device to open it's properties.
    Click the "Driver" tab, click "Roll back driver".
    Click 'OK'
  2. You're the problem
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