How to connect wifi to compaq laptop as there is wifi connection at home but it

as there is connection at my home of wifi but its not been connected to my compaq laptop
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  1. locate home network in your wifi manager, click connect, if passworded enter it (should be on bottom of router) you may even have a protected set up button on your router in wich case press the button and connect and it wont ask you for a password.
  2. Err.... did you try to connect to it?
    There is a small icon in the taskbar that shows towers like in a cell phone, if the laptop has a WiFi card in it and it is configured correctly with the correct drivers, you ought to see that icon there.
    Just right click on the icon and it's give a few options, something like available wireless networks, scan for networks, or connect to wireless network.
    If you see those you can either connect to your home network straight away using the name of the network present and the password key or number and then you ought to see the obtaining IP icon....
    if all this happens then you ought to be able to connect to the network soon.
  3. Just connect it like any other computer
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