Can you transfer information from Dell to another Dell?

Bought new laptop Dell; old Dell laptop has spyware on it and won't let me open anything. Can I transfer information to new Dell? If so how
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  1. First thing you should do is clean the old computer. You don't want the infestation to spread to your new machine.

    Use an antivirus like, avira.
    Anti spyware tools use:
    ad-aware from
    spybot search and destroy.

    Download these on your uninfested computer and copy the installers onto a usb stick, or burn them onto a cd. Load your old Dell into save mode (pressing F8 at windows startup), install the programs and let them run and clean the system (one at a time). This will take several hours to do, so just let them finish and after that you can start thinking about copying files over.

    You can use windows7 easy transfer wizard to help you find stuff that is important

    edit: If all else fails, you can buy a external usb harddrive cable like this one Then just uninstall the harddrive from your old laptop and plug it into your new one. From there you can then clean the drive and get the data you want to rescue.
  2. Hello aggie1982;

    Can you explain more about "won't let me open anything"?

    Can you enter "Safe Mode"?
    How to Boot a Dell Laptop in Safe Mode
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