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How to get at CPU Sony Vaio

Friend gave me a newer model Vaio PCG-71312L to fix...keeps randomly shutting off, most likely a temperature issue. Want to get at CPU and re-apply some thermal paste but couldn't figure out how myself or from Google. The two covers that was able to easily remove only gave access to memory and hard drive. Would appreciate any tips!
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  1. What temperatures is it hitting?
  2. Looks like its maxin out around mid 60s. Def a temp issue, I'll turn it on and it will be good for about 2 mins then shut off. Turning back on and going into BIOS it stays on for about 15 seconds then off again. Just have no idea how to get inside the thing :P
  3. Welp, did it the nitty gritty way....took out every screw I could find (took me a good 30 minutes to get every single one). Finally got the entire back off.......powered it up, CPU cooling fan wasn't workin. Gave it a kick start and it went spinnin away, think there was somethin jammin it up. Not seein temps above 38C now.

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    People shouldn't buy anything sony IMO. Especially computers.
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