Boot manager failed to find os loader

my HP 550 laptop is failing to boot. upon attempting to do startup repair, it gives me a root cause as "boot manager failed to find os loader". what should i do please help? and booting from safe mode is not present despite hitting f8 at boot.
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  1. I think u r doing start up repair via os dvd correct . u get this error now : Bootmgr is missing or compressed . To fix that issue follow this simple steps : copy bootmgr file in other working system (windows hidden file) location c: drive .(pendrive)
    Use linux or hirean boot cd to see hdd . Paste Bootmgr in c: .that's it .
    If Bootmgr is compressed . Uncompress c: via hirean boot cd .
  2. Select best answer after get the correct answer .
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