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I have a Dell 1745 running x64 on Windows 7.

The problem i have is that I'm unable to get system restore to run. If i press the F8 key and then 'repair computer' it simply re-starts the computer and doesn't run the re-install. I tried with Dell Datasafe and that also had the same problem.

I tried to run a system restore via the control panel and this comes up "Failed to restart the computer. Windows cannot restart the computer into Windows recovery enviroment to complete the recovery operation".

If i put the Windows 7 disk in and re-start the computer, it doesn't run either.

I have no idea how to fix this, so any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Put Windows DVD in drive.

    Restart computer and go in bios and set pc to boot to dvd drive.

    Save bios and exit.

    Should boot right to dvd.
  2. I can get the Win 7 installation disk to run if i ask it to in 'computer' but if i do an installation this way wouldn't i just end up with 2 versions of the OS on my c drive?

    I went part of the way to installing it but there isn't an option on the disk to repair the original so i think i would end up with 2.
  3. You don't run Windows installation from "My computer", you boot to the DVD.

    You format the drive DURING installation and then load windows, or you don't format the drive and you do a repair. It's one or the other.

    When you start the install, after it loads files it will give you option to format your drive/s or repair.
  4. OK thank you, i just wanted to make sure i wouldn't duplicate it. I'll give it a go now and let you know if I'm successful.
  5. I tried to do the repair version, but the options were to do a system restore, but the dates were only from today, or a image re-install which i think i do have the disks for, but can't insert the disk when it asks as the OS disk is in the drive, an i only have the one.

    Will try again but not in the repair mode.
  6. I've now done the reinstall of the OS, i now need to do it again but through Dell Datasafe so i can get the Dell factory settings back on my laptop. I can't keep it with these current settings as parts of my computer like thr touchpad don't work.

    When i try and re-install via Datasafe i have options to restore but this only alows be to restore the files from today, or a system image restore which i thought i have the disk to but it doesn't accept them.

    Do you know how i can re-install completley again with the factory settings. F8 gives me the same options as the above.

    Thanks for your time, you have potentially saved me £69
  7. What do you mean by, "So I can get the Dell factory settings back on my laptop".

    You can't keep what current settings? You have to install the chipset drivers for those things to work.

    I have no idea what Datasafe is or what you mean by "factory settings".
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