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Hi everyone,

I've recently assembled a PC, and I successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit version yesterday. I haven't installed drivers yet, which were bundled as a DVD in my motherboard package. However, since I don't have an optical drive, I need to copy and paste all the drivers in the DVD onto my external hard drive. But here's the actual problem.

Since Windows 7 couldn't recognized my external hard drive a few times, I realized that there were some troubles with my Windows 7 PC.

I clicked the Start button, and clicked the 'Devices and Printers' button. There, my PC's icon, was with a yellow exclamation mark sign. Also, in Status, it told me that it needs troubleshooting. Thus I troubleshot, and I've come out with these results:

1. The driver for Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller is not installed. Install the latest driver for the device.
2. The driver for SM Bus Controller is not installed. Install the latest driver for the device.
3. The driver for Ethernet Controller is not installed. Install the latest driver for the device.
4. The driver for PCI Simple Communications Controller is not installed. Install the latest driver for the device.

My PC cannot recognize my external hard drive, which makes it impossible for me to install drivers from the motherboard package. Beforehand, I need to figure out and solve those four issues with my PC. Please help me guys, what's the real problem here?


P.S.: My motherboard is ASUS P8H77-I. Thanks! :)
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  1. So how exactly did you install windows 7 ultimate 64 in the first place ? Was it a DvD install or a USB install. And why would you not have a Dvd drive in the first place.
    Your in a world of pain here because you have no usb drivers or chip set drivers installed so it cannot see the external Usb hard drive anyway can it ?
    The only other way to get around it would be to set two computers up on a home group network setup. for example a laptop with a Dvd drive in it.
    Share the dvd drive from the laptop with the computer you have.
    Pop the dvd in the laptop and on the other computer run all the software and install it to the new computer via the dvd drive of the laptop, or copy it all to your HD over the network.
    You can share Dvd drives on other computer to do this. by creating a home network, home group between the two computers.
    If the network card on the new computer is working that is.
    Scratch that just go and buy a dvd drive, or borrow one.
  2. see if you can borrow a DVD drive. That's what I'd do.
  3. there are probably at least a couple different usb controllers on your motherboard. they may be marked by different colours. try a different usb port, on a different controller.
  4. You should be able to go into device manager, right click the yellow exclamation mark and hit find drivers, that should grab the USB driver you need. Otherwise you could take apart the external and use it as an internal drive.
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