Windows 7 booting only in safe mode

I have read about this problem a lot, still no solution. Windows 7 Professional is not booting in normal mode, only in safe mode. I have tried the following things -
1) in msconfig, have seen under the boot tab and everything is unchecked including safe boot.
2) have disabled all services and startup, left only microsoft services and startups checked, actually tried a lot of combinations as well.
3) restored system to an earlier date when it was confirmed to be working.
4) have reset the BIOS settings to BIOS defaults.

Everytime, it is not booting in normal mode, only in safe mode.
Is a clean install of the OS the only solution to this? or is there some other way out? I have already spent my entire weekend on this :fou: Please help!
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  1. I forgot to write this - when i try to boot in normal mode, after the windows logo, the welcome screen does not show up. Instead a blank screen comes up and 'no signal' is displayed on the monitor. after which i have to press the reset button and then boot into safe mode. is it a problem related to graphic card?

    UPDATE - I shut down the PC and unplugged many external cables and plugged them again and then windows booted in normal mode but with all services and startup closed(even the Microsoft ones) then i enabled only all Microsoft services and startups and restarted but it showed the same problem. so i disabled all again and it is booting up properly but i have no audio etc. so what should i do next?
  2. Dude 3 years apart got the same problem...

    Did you find the solution? hope u see this on your email.

    Please share if u got the answer
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