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Im currently looking for a mechanical keyboard, At first I was looking at the 2013 Razer Blackwidow but I honestly couldn't tell a difference between the cheaper/more expensive one except that the cheaper one is lacking backlit keys, And I didn't want to buy the expensive one only to find out it has some minor improvement over the other one..

So what keyboards do you recommend?
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  1. When looking for a mechanical keyboard, figure out what features you want and what switch is best for you.
    Features are like USB ports, macro keys, backlighting, media keys, etc.

    Switches are the "springs" underneath the keys, and the different colours of them have different qualities. There are four main switches, though there are a couple more that are pretty rare to find.
    - Blue: generally considered best for typists. They are loud, clicking at the actuation point (when the keyboard registers the keystroke) and when bottoming out (pushing the key all the way down). Can clearly feel the actuation point when pushing down.
    - Brown: Basically Blue switches but don't click at the actuation point. So if noise is a concern these are a good compromise between a Blue and Red.
    - Red: Considered best for gaming, these are moderately loud keys (Brown level) that have a much more linear travel then Blue/Brown. You cant feel the actuation point as well.
    - Black: Like Red switches, but an even smoother travel so you cant feel the actuation point and require a bit more force to push down. Quieter than Red's and offer the most natural transition from a membrane keyboard.

    Might want to take this quiz, based on your answers it will recommend a mechanical keyboard it thinks is best for you.

    I personally use a Ducky DK9008 Shine II with Brown switches, and am quite happy with it.
  2. search google for "hardforums mechanical keyboard guide". read that and the link they provide for the original information. this will give you a good basis for choosing a switch.

    there are far more than 4 switches available. there are at least 10+.


    in general razer products are mid level at best.

    das, deck, wasd, ducky, unicomp are all superior choices.

    personally i love my ibm m style keyboards (unicomp customizer). if you're okay with a loud, clicky and more resistant key then this is the way to go. some dont like it as much but there is no mistaking that it is the best keyboard and switch ever built (although it does need modernization of the keyboard membrane to support nkro).

    if all you want is mechanical and you dont care about much else then there are plenty of budget brands on the market.

    for typing i'd suggest either cherry mx blue keyswitches or buckling spring (unicomp only)

    for gaming i'd suggest cherry mx blacks (although blue and buckling springs can also be used)
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