1.4ghz Overheating Problem

Hi, I went out yesterday and picked up a few items for my new system..but my cpu is running too hot and i need to bring the heat down to normal tempatures heres my specs

Athlon 1.4 266FSB
Gigabyte GA-7DXR Mobo
256 DDR memory
Asus V7700 GeForce2 GTS 32mb Video
Soundblast Live 5.1 Sound card
IBM 60GXP 40GB Harddrive
Lynksys network card.
Generic 300W Powersupply
Coolermaster EPH-6151 CPU Fan

Now im getting tempatures of about 60 degrees celcius which is concerning me..my main concern is my cpu fan and my power supply, currently my power supply is running 300w with only 22 amps at 5v...and ive heard it should be more like 30amps at 5v, I need to do something to get my tempature down, i also have 2 case fans, Im either going to buy a new fan like the Global Win WBK38 or 50 or the Swiftech as recomended on toms guide..and also a Enermax Powersupply either the 351p ve or 365p ve fc , although the 365 is a bit more money and wondering if i can get away with the 351p ve, anyways i really need a solution to this problem and im wondering if I would need to get a better cpu fan as well as a power supply or maybe just a new power supply any help is appreciated..thank you
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  1. yep. we see it time and time again.
    the top of the line athlons are toasty little beasts :)
    they LOVE a good cooling solution.

    a decent heatsink & fan, NO thermal pad, a dash of thermal grease/artic silver, and at the very least 1 rear casefan. you cant cool with warm air.

    also... 300W is ok for what you have, but if you have alot of drives/peripherals and plan on overclocking i would get something a bit more beefy.

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  2. Ummm...I hope you know coolermaster's are only rated to cool UP TO 1.2 GHz. Thought this fact might help.
  3. Ok well im gonna go pick up some artic silver 2 and a new heatsink/fan could anyone suggest some very good heatsink/fans for an athlon 1.4ghz chip, i wanna get one thats going to keep the temp way down incase i overclock it later and just for overall purposes..anyways a few suggestions would be good incase i cant find certain fans from my computer shops around my area..Thanks.
  4. You want the best HSF? You got it: Swifttech MC-462-A. http://www.swiftnets.com Best reviewed HSF by THG and numerous others.
  5. Ya the swift tech hsf is really good but i dont know if I can get that one in my area and Im limited to stuff nearby because i live in canada and I dont have a credit card..i know a few places that sell swift tech and could probably order it in but its also quite expensive for a hsf im wondering if a model like Swifttech MC370-0A would be good as well? That one goes for about $70 canadian what about a global win hsf any other suggestions are welcome.
  6. a few days ago i just posted a link to a new cooler.
    (in this forum) entiteled "new cooler"
    its a copper HS with silver plating. very nice.

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  7. Just thought I would mention that I was running a 1.4 on the swifttech MC-462 and it works extreemly well but is rather load. But it is board mounted so make sure that you have a compatible board. I baught a DDR Board and mounted it not thinking clearly and fried it ;) because the holes were slightly smaller making the washers not sit correctly.

    I am going to put the MC-462 back on my 1.2(overclocked) and run the MC-370(on my new 1.4) because it seem to be the best overall cooling and noise(if you care) and is socket mounted.

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  8. Ya I was thinking of getting a MC-370-0A not sure the difference in what 0A does but ill have to look it up, anyways I have a Gigabyte GA-7DXR mobo Im not sure if it can run the 462 but i dont even know if i could get that model from where I am..so the 370 will cool 1.4 with no problems even if i overclock it a bit?
  9. Try these links
    http://www.hardwareoc.com/The Ultimate Heatsink Showdown
    This one was $30 about a month ago. It came in #2 in the showdown and was actually the top pick because of price. I had a Delta fan that I added to mine (I think it costs $5 more) but the Delta is very loud compared to the stock one and probably not much better. Also don't use Asus Probe for readings. Off by about 10 C.
    download Motherboard Monitor 5 or check them in bios hardware manager. My 1.2 dropped about 8C with MBM5 and 10C more w/ the copper HSF. 10x138=1380Mhz 47 C 1.75V
    Might go a little higher (AXIA) i haven't upped the voltage yet but i think that will put temps in 50's so i'm happly for now.
  10. Ok well ive checked out one place and they have a Swifttech MC370-OA and a OCZ Gladiator with cooper heatsink as suggested above, both at the same price, im wondering which one is the better bet to go with? both are 70 bucks canadian and i figured they are gonna be well worth it, and probably pretty similar in performance anyone suggest anything that would make me choose one over the other??
  11. Quote:
    Ummm...I hope you know coolermaster's are only rated to cool UP TO 1.2 GHz. Thought this fact might help.

    Really? I have a Coolermaster sitting in my closet that's rated up to 1.4
    There are several different models.

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  12. That model is rated up to 1.4 according to coolermaster actually. will take 1.733 Athlon4 apparently too. Wish I could buy one.

    Many coolermasters seem rated to 1.4...

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  13. i just got a new EP5-6I51 and its keeping my 1.2@1.45 at 39c so its plenty good if your not over clocking. its preety wide(the fhs), So make sure nothing is blocking it from making full contact. Also if your using the stock pad that was on the fhs get rid of it and get some arctec silver2, it dropped my temp 10c.

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