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Im looking to purchase a tablet PC for taking notes in class, play a bit of games in the off time. Prefer to have sandy bridge chip. Any1 know a tablet for these purposes?
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  1. Hello skedi;

    Games on a tablet? Are we talking card and board games?
    I think we might have a few more questions for you.

    Probably a good idea for you to look at the FAQ and fill out the format you'll find here:
    FAQ - Read before buying / considering a laptop
  2. There are no tablets(currently) that have sandy bridge CPUs and tablets aren't recommended for gaming either because their GPUs isn't at all powerful
  3. Intel Sandy Bridge (even the mobile version - Huron River platform) is way too hot and power drainer for a tablet, perhaps a tablet PC like the next generation of HP 2740p Tablet PC will have Mobile Sandy Bridge platform there.
    Well, Intel HD Graphic 3000 is indeed pretty solid GPU and pair with the Turbo Boost technology, which can run many intense hardcore 3D games.
    FYI, since Skedi you are planning to get a tablet for taking notes and play some games, tablet pc is more suitable for you as typing on virtual keyboard is no fun at all, system weight and pricing is another criteria for you to consider. Here is the pretty latest Best Tablet PC Comparison chart with pricing and key features for your reference.
    But bare in mind if you are going after mobile Sandy Bridge Tablet PC, be prepare to pay for the premium. :D
  4. certainly,you can take notes and play game on tablet PC,I believe its a good choice to learn in the class and pass the spare time.I also looking for a Google Android tablet PC and recently find a excellent shopping site,and plan to buy a tablet PC on it,I think you should not mind I recommend to you.if you interested in it ,you can click the hyperlink
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