Looking for a new gaming laptop (Some options in mind)

I'm on the market for a new gaming laptop, and I need some help deciding. Basically I'll be playing some games, programming, using Office and other school related apps, playing music and HD video, and surfing the web. I won't be playing any hardcore Crysis-like games; mostly games like Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2(and the upcoming ME3), the Assassin's Creed Saga and other similar games(hopefully Ultra settings for all of them). I would say my budget is $900-$1100 but may go as far as $1200-$1300.
I'm looking for what could be considered as a desktop replacement but I still need to be able to take my laptop with me so I'm having a bit of trouble deciding between a 17" or a 15", anyone have any suggestion size-wise?

The specs I'm kinda looking for are the following:

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 (I would love that but it can go lower).
Battery Life: I would be able to have my computer plugged in most of the time but I would like it to be able to play a movie on battery (not necessary though).
Hard Drive: The storage space doesn't really matter, but it should be a 7200 RPM drive. (Maybe an SDD or a Hybrid, but I don't know if it's worth the extra SSD price or if the hybrid drive offers a noticeable performance increase, any help is appreciated).
Optical Drive: I have absolutely no use for a Bluray Burner OR reader so a plain DVD writer is perfect (and necessary).

Brands I like/dislike:
ASUS: Heard many great things about it, it has been recommend to me three or four times by people I personally know. Also, when a friend was in need of a laptop, i did the research for him and told him to get an ASUS, it has turned out great.
Sager: Hasn't really been recommended to me but when doing research I found that lots of people owned their computer and most of them were happy with it so I assume it's good.
HP: My current computer is HP, it turned out to be dissapointing, to say the least...
Gateway:Before my H
Dell: Haven't heard great things about them, in fact a friend hates his Dell laptop, and another friend said that not only their laptops were bad, but that their customer sucked(by personal experience), I would like to avoid Dell.

Current laptops I'm considering:

Asus G73SW OR G53SW
I think the only difference between these two is screen size, am I right?

Malibal Lotus P151HM1 (With default settings, or maybe change the HDD for a hybrid?)

Sager NP8130

If anyone could provide any links to laptops they consider good it would be extremely helpful. Personal experience is better.
I live in Canada BTW so it would be really helpful if the retailer is Canadian.

Oh and if there's anything new coming out in the next, say 3-4 months, and it's worth waiting for it I can definitely wait for it. In fact, I think Nvidia's Mobile GeForce 500 series are just around the corner, any news on those?
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  1. Welcome to the forums :)
    I'd vote for Sager NP8130 because of having better specs(if you go with GTX 485M) but all the 3 models are great.
    Have a look here for info about Sager/Clevo resellers

    And yes,the only difference between G73 and G53 is with their screen size.
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